Financing & Health Insurance Online

Tendency of increasing health care costs complicate people’s access to health care needs. This situation occurs especially in circumstances where the financing is to be borne alone (“out of pocket”) in a cash system (“fee for service”).

The increase in health costs caused by the application of advanced technologies, the character of supply induced demand in health care, the pattern of direct cash payments to health providers, the pattern of chronic and degenerative diseases, as well as inflation. Rising costs of health care is increasingly difficult to overcome by the ability to fund the provision of government and society. Increased costs that threaten access to and quality of health services and should therefore be sought solutions to overcome these problems of health financing.

Solution of health financing issues lead to an increase in health funding in order to exceed 5% of GDP according to WHO recommendations, with a targeted government funding for public health activities such as eradication of infectious diseases and environmental sanitation, health promotion and health maintenance of the poor. While public funding should streamlined mutual help with funding to share the risk of health problems, in the form of health insurance.

The main staple in health financing are:

a. Striving sufficiency / adequacy and sustainability of health financing in central and local levels.

b. OOP financing seek to reduce and eliminate barriers to health care financing, especially the poor and vulnerable through the development of collateral

c. Increased efficiency and effectiveness of health care financing.


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