dangers of food packaging materials

These several kinds of food packaging the most popular and commonly used by people and the dangers to our bodies …..
Some non-packaging paper and packaging (paper newspapers and magazines) are often used to wrap foods, containing detectable lead (Pb) exceed specified limits. Inside the human body, lead entering through the respiratory or digestive tract into the circulatory system, and then spread various other tissues such as kidney, liver, brain, nerves and bones.Lead poisoning in adults is characterized by symptoms 3 P, namely pallor (pale), pain (pain) and paralysis (paralysis). Poisoning that occurs can be chronic and acute. To avoid food contaminated heavy metals lead, it’s easy bother.

Many snack foods such as fried bananas, fried tofu and fried tempeh wrapped in newspaper because knowledge is less than the dealer. When the material is hot and facilitate the migration of lead fatty foods. As prevention efforts, hawker food is put on the plate.

Styrofoam or polystyrene packaging materials has become one of the most popular choice in the food business. However, recent research proves that the styrofoam questionable safety.

Styrofoam is made from a copolymer styren food business has become the choice of being able to prevent leakage and retain its shape when held.

In addition, the material is also able to retain heat and cold but still comfortably held, maintaining freshness and integrity of the materials are packed, low cost, more secure, and lightweight.

In July 2001, the Food Safety Division of the Government of Japan revealed that residues in food is very harmful styrofoam. Residues that can cause endocrine disrupter (EDC), which is a disease caused by a disturbance in the system and reproductive endocrinology humans from chemical carcinogens in food.

Currently there are many fast food restaurants are still using styrofoam as a container for food or drink. Wherever possible you should avoid using styrofoam for hot food or drink, because as well as plastic, high temperature causes shift the diffusion of chemical components from the Styrofoam into your food.

In general, the food products packaged in cans will lose the image of the fresh flavor and nutritional value has decreased due to the high temperature processing. One more thing is also quite disturbing is the emergence of a sense of taint or taste like metal cans that arise due to imperfect coating cans.

The main danger in canned food is the growth of Clostridium botulinum bacteria which can cause poisoning botulinin. Signs of poisoning include throat botulinin become stiff, eyes dazed and convulsions that leads to death because of difficulty breathing.

These bacteria usually grow in canned foods that are not perfect in its processing or leaking canned food in it so that contaminated air from the outside. Fortunately these toxins botulinin sensitive to warming.

Carefully select the canned packaging is an attempt to avoid the dangers that are not desired. It’s OK to choose a slightly dented cans, provided there are no leaks. Besides immediately move the rest of the canned food to another place so that the damage that can occur then it would not mmepengaruhi quality.

Every day we use plastic, either for processing, storing or packaging of food. Rather than traditional packaging such as leaves or animal skins, plastic is more practical and durable.

The disadvantage is that plastic is not heat resistant and can contaminate the product due to migration of the monomer components that will adversely impact the health of consumers. In addition, the plastic is also problematic for the environment because it is a material that can not be destroyed quickly and naturally. (Non-biodegradable).

Keep in mind that the plastic is actually odorless and colorless. So hi nFrom use of plastic smell and dark to wrap the food directly.

Crackle black plastic that is often used as a wrapper fried food, plastic cups used for boiling water, bottled mineral water in the sun every day, and the use of plastic kilogram to make the diamond, are examples of the use of plastic packaging is wrong and very dangerous.

As a result of the use of plastics that do not fit with this function, it is feared will happen displacement chemical components of plastics into food.

Some plastic packaging material derived from polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride polypropilen which when burned or heated can lead to dioxin, a highly toxic substance and is a cause of cancer and can reduce a person’s immune system.

Keeping plastics that have not changed for use as packaging is a way tentr am to avoid those hazards.

always keep your health ..
alert to anything that endanger our health …
healthy greetings ^ ^


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