vampire syndrome disease

Dracula is described as being nocturnal (night creatures) who always avoid the sun. The depiction is similar to the symptoms of porphyria, a blood disorder in the production of hemoglobin pigment.
Porphyria is a disorder in the production of pigment porphyrin, which gives color to the hemoglobin. Symptoms that appear vary depending on its type, but in general characterized by porphyrin accumulation caused by excessive production.

Porphyria and prophyrin word itself comes from Greek, meaning the color purple porphyrus. As the name implies, this disorder can lead to urine and some body parts become purple.

This disease is a genetic disorder, which is generally inherited and not infectious. However, several factors can also trigger the production of porphyrin in excess, among others, as quoted from the Mayo Clinic on Monday (5/17/2010) the following:

1. Drugs (barbiturates, sulfonamides, some types transquilizer and sedatives, as well as birth control pills)
2. Infection
3. Consumption of cigarettes and alcohol
4. Stress and hormonal disruption during the menstrual
5. Iron overload.
Porphyria can affect the nervous system or skin, or it could be both. If attacking the nerves then categorized as Accute porphyria, whereas if you attack the skin, the category included cutaneous porphyria.

Symptoms are similar to Dracula was found in Porphyria cutanea tarda (PCT), one subtype that attacks the skin and nervous all at once. Increased skin sensitivity, it becomes easy to blister if exposed to sunlight. Although uncommon, abnormalities in the kidneys are also often accompanies.

Other symptoms that can be observed is skin color becomes darker and sometimes accompanied by abnormal hair growth. In very severe cases, teeth become brownish red pigment due to excessive growth which reached that part.

Just like Dracula, PCT patients should also avoid sunlight, especially ultraviolet light so that symptoms do not worsen. If accompanied by a deficiency of red blood cells, then the patient should also undergo regular blood transfusions.

To reduce the excess porphyrin, the patient will usually be given drugs like cholestyramine or activated carbon. While beta-carotene or canthaxantrin given to reduce skin sensitivity to ultraviolet.

Dracula was also suffering from Porphyria

In the novel, Dracula is just a fictional character of Bram Stoker. But the name was supposedly inspired by a Romanian nobleman in the 15th century, Vlad II Dracul make as a family name since joining a secret organization the Order of the Dragon.figures who ‘into a vampire’ because it must avoid the sun is a former King of England George William III and Mary Stuart, cousin who had become Queen of Scotland.


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