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Maintain Eye Health
Vitamin A is key to maintaining healthy eyes. Has sufficient vitamin A helps the transmission of light signals inside the cells of the retina. One source of vitamin A are vegetables that coined the orange color like baby carrots, and apricots.

Improving Process Vision
If you have problems with vision, try the consumption of sesame oil or sesame oil. According to the research, sesame oil contains unsaturated fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-9 high so as to help improve the eyesight.

Keeping Health Vision Function
Eye has a function that is extraordinary so it needs to be kept healthy. How to maintain eye health can be done by consuming the required intake of the eye such as vitamin A, use sunglasses during the hot sun, eyes examined regularly, and taking a zinc supplement to help in troubleshooting the eye in the elderly.

Prevent loosening of Elasticity Eye
The elasticity of the lens will sag with age. The age of 40 years, will relax the eye lens and the eye muscles that support will also be weakened. Eat vegetables and leaves which are green at an early age is one of the efforts to prevent it.

Protect Vision
Plenty of consumption of corn, tomatoes, carrots, and spinach. Vegetables contain nutrients which are efficacious to prevent the damage of free radicals which cause problems in the lens of the eye, optic nerve, optic tract. In addition, food is an important role in protecting the retina from the damaging effects caused by light.

Human organs that can be massaged to treat eye disorders, among others, the scalp, around the eyes, nose, ears, hands, and feet.

Massage the scalp and massage your nose. Based on Scalp acupuncture (scalp acupuncture), range of vision associated with eye or visual area (optic area) is above the cerebellum (small brain) located at the back of the head. This area, according to Oei, should also be massaged during a massage therapy for eye disorders.

Location of visual areas in the region precisely located bun or a bun. How to find the location is by taking a straight line from the back of the head as far as 4 cm upward, parallel to the midline. The position of the visual area was 1 cm in the left and right of the midline.

Abnormalities in the range of vision, indicating the presence of disease in the optic nerve.

Do it yourself Head Massage!

a. Place both thumbs at the temples and the eight other fingers in the middle of the forehead. Work the middle of the forehead to the back of the neck at the point of functional che (located at the back of the neck, in an indentation in the hairline), with eight fingers.

b. Place both thumbs on the back of the neck or in the hollow behind the ears. Then massage the area with eight visual areas other fingers. Massage done 12 minutes. May be performed every time the head and your eyes feel uncomfortable.

Benefits and Properties Point Che Fung:

1. Sharpens vision, strengthens the eyes when tired and hazy.
2. Launched a nerve.
3. Expel wind and neutralize the heat.
4. Reduce pain and red eyes, night blindness.
5. Influenza and relieve nasal congestion.
6. Expel stiff and sore in the shoulder and, headache.
7. Lowering high blood pressure.

Nose Massage

Based on ancient documents and in various clinical trials of acupuncture, massage is very useful to relieve nasal disorders of the eye. The following areas in the nose that needs a massage.

1. The point of the head and face
Located above the center line of the nose, forehead width at one third the distance from the front hairline. Forehead width is measured from the midpoint of the line joining the top of the eyebrows with the midpoint of the front hairline. Savor a massage at this point to deal with complaints in the face and head.

2. The point of the throat
Located in pertehgahan between points number 1 and number 3. Usefulness can resolve complaints in the throat, neck, and vocal cords.

3. Lung point metal element
Located halfway between the two ends of the eyebrows. The lungs are associated with the outside environment through the nose and is associated with a colon. The lungs get oxygen through the medium of nasal breathing air.

4. The point of the element of fire heart
Located halfway between the two corners of the eyes within. Cardiac-related dangait tongue and small intestine.

5. The point of the heart wood elements
D peak located in the middle of the nasal bone or the line connecting the two peaks cheekbones. Liver associated with the outside environment through the eyes and is associated with the content of bile. A bad heart condition is reflected in the eyes. For example, the eyes look yellow hepatitis patients.

6. Spleen point earths
Located on the lower limit of the nasal bone. Spleen touch with the outside environment through the mouth and associated with the stomach. Spleen controls the red blood cells. When deprived of blood, the sufferer will look pale lips.

7. Renal point the element of water
Being on top of the nose. Kidney touch with the outside environment through the ear. Both depict the bad ear kidney condition. The kidneys also relate the bladder.

8. The point of sex outside
Situated right on the border under the nose. Usefulness overcome itching in the genitals.

9. Point and point nei ying ying noon noon
Located on the lower side of the nostrils of about 1 cm toward the outside and on the upper nostril. Therapeutic efficacy at this point to treat disorders of the eye, nasal congestion, nosebleeds, and a runny nose or rhinitis.

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