healthy food antidote to cancer

on this occasion we will discuss about the right foods for cancer patients ….
just go …

Healthy food diet can affect cancer patients with the condition, although the effect is not too large, an expert says.

Despite the limited number and quality of research findings, experts from the UK said they can conclude that a healthy diet can effectively influence the condition of cancer patients.

They say that eating healthy food eating continuously shown great promise for improving breast cancer, which can reduce the risk of dying from specific cancers, although to date review for a healthy diet is still small.

Researcher Thomas et al studied 59 cases of data. Of these 25 are a number of those suffering from cancer, while 34 patients had pre-cancerous lesions. In this study the feeding of healthy food supplements, including vitamins A, C, B6, fiber, calcium, folic acid, and beta carotene, which is as good as the act of weight loss, exercise and reduce calories.

In that study concluded that a healthy diet can reduce the risk of recurrent breast cancer. They also focus on a high calcium intake may reduce the risk of recurring colorectal polyps, which is the trigger colon cancer.

Of course eating right is very important for health, Thomes said. Healthy diet of course very important for recovery because some patients with cancer will live longer with the provision of drugs effectively.

A healthy diet works very well, Trichopoulus said. Although the effect on the recurrence of cancer and preventive measures are not large, but in fact the diet can suppress cancer by 10-15%. He added that consume less red meat and eating lots of fruits is very good for people with cancer.


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