easy way to detect breast cancer

to detect and determine if we are suffering from breast cancer, it’s pretty easy …
no need to inquire into doctor’s, we ourselves could do …..,

Examination time was not take more than 5 minutes each month. The best time to examine your own breasts is every after menstruation, when breasts are usually still soft so that no lumps will be more easily detected. When you feel a bump, whether sick or not, immediately consult a physician.

Breast Examination consists of two stages, namely:

1. Standing in front of the mirror to pay attention to whether there are changes in the shape of the breast.

• Raise both arms upward so that the breasts are clearly visible, and especially if there is a bump will also be easier terseteksi.

2. Lying down with a pillow dipunggung as peyangga to form flat breasts and younger more palpable.

• Use right hand to feel the left breast with his left arm stretched upwards. As for the right breast, use your left hand with right arm raised above

• Use the palm of your index finger, middle and ring slowly starting to feel the area around the breast.

• When the hand approached the nipple area, touch harder to find out more sesakma whether there is a bump

• Consider also whether there is liquid coming out of putting a clear fluid, blood or milk especially if you’re not breastfeeding.

Healthy regards ….^^

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