healthy tips to reduce smoking

today was a lot of people who like to smoke cigarettes, even though they mostly already knew the dangers behind cigarettes, but for reasons already accustomed to and can not get out of cigarettes ..
on this occasion we will discuss easy ways to reduce smoking

1. Begin to reduce your cigarette rods. Suppose one day you smoked three cigarettes, is try to reduce it to 1 or 2 sticks only. Or subtract one in a pack of cigarettes a day.

2. Do the things that is useful, for example exercise. (jogging, bike casual etc)

3. Frequently for mnghisap rock sugar or candy. If it appears your desire to smoke arises, quick-quick doing this.

4. Strengthen your resolve to eliminate the smoking habit. Try-try looking for books or magazines that are kaitanya with the effects of cigarettes, with self-determination must have this habit will disappear by itself.

5. Stay away from your environment that many people who like to smoke, because if you look at the people smoking. So your habit is likely to recur


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