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Snoring is caused due to the resistance / obstruction of air flow when we breathe. Many factors that cause it, from the nasal cavity, throat cavity, oral cavity and throat / respiratory.

Barriers to the nasal cavity could be caused swelling of the nasal bones (Konka), a crooked nasal bone and nasal polyps.

Blockages in the throat and oral cavity can be caused by enlarged tonsils (adenoid and tonsils), abnormalities in the roof of the mouth (palate and uvula), thickening of the wall behind the throat.

Inhibition of esophageal cavity / breathing can be caused abnormalities in the child’s tongue (epiglottis) and the narrowing in the airway (trachea), overweight (obesity) can also narrow the upper respiratory tract.

As a result of heavy snoring, body condition is usually quite fresh in the morning, quickly tired, sleepy and may also interfere with the heart lung.

the following tips to prevent snoring while sleeping:

1. Sleep in a tilted position.
By doing so you can adjust the position of breathing during sleep, so that snoring can be minimized.

2. Consumption of honey.
Before bed, eat a few spoonfuls of honey. According to research, honey can help to eliminate snoring habits. It is also one of maanfaat honey.

3. Do not drink milk before bed.
Milk is proven to help treat insomnia, but if you have a problem with snoring is better not have any. Milk and yogurt turns can cause snoring.

4. Adjust the pillow.
At bedtime, the position should be higher pillow. If the pillow in a flat position or lower, will clog out of the air that can cause snoring.

5. Healthy diet.
This diet is applicable to those who are overweight, because the body stores more fat, can cause snoring.

6. Healthy living.
Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages. Eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, and exercise regularly. If your body is healthy, you can avoid the risk of snoring.

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