traditional plant healers of cancer

many of us who think that cancer can only be cured by modern medicine medicine …….
statement is not entirely true …
on this occasion we will discuss about traditional medicines that can prevent cancer

Deaths caused by cancer will continue to increase, if there is no change in eating patterns, behavior, lifestyle in the community. One effort that could significantly reduce the cancer is eating more traditional (local).

“Globalization promotes radical changes in the food retail system, which is characterized by the proliferation of” hypermarkets “, fast food restaurants, franchises,” food court “from around the world, who mostly deliver compelling” junk foods “(junk food) with the risk of getting cancer very high, “said Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sulchan in his inaugural speech as Professor of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of Medicine of Diponegoro University, Semarang, recently.

Added, the penetration of the global food causes convergence of food, food culture shift, a change in diet, and unhealthy eating habits. It was marked from the imitative konsumtivisme and hedonism.

Poor man’s relationship with nature based on anthropocentric ethics – ethics that emphasizes the passion of man over nature which affects the large-scale exploitation of natural resources, hiperkomodifikasi, especially “fast food”, and hyper consumption. Conditions that make people’s lives become very consumptive.

“That’s where catastrophe emerging diseases, especially chronic diseases including cancer,” said Sulchan asserted.

In the history of civilization, according to Sulchan, human access to food needed for consumption always follow the laws of nature are bound to macro-ecological and mikrokosmosnya.

“The universe is a place where humans learn many things, including diversity, balance, and interdependence are synergistic,” he said.

When the diversity and balance is threatened by human behavior, then the pillar of life will collapse. “Excessive exploitation of nature to satisfy human desire for consumption is heading in that direction,” he said.

He explained that the various carcinogens (cancer-triggering) is in the food, including natural and artificial food carcinogens, the source of the substance during storage, processing high heat, pollutants, pesticides, food additives, and about a thousand substances are carcinogens.

According Sulchan, preservation and processing of food by using salt, curing cancer is the initiator and promoter. Fast food using the processing and maturation of the risk of causing cancer. “Westernization of food increases the risk of getting cancer,” he said.

To reduce the risk of cancer, Sulchan advise people eat more local foods that use natural raw materials and processed traditionally. In addition, should eat lots of vegetables and fresh fruits, because in both there are many substances that are antioxidants.

He mentioned, eating tofu and tempeh made from local soybean is healthier than soy imports from the United States entered the category GMF (genetically modified food). Soybean GMF rejected many European countries.

“Consumption of vegetables and real fruit, not extracts,” he reminded.

He cited cases of colon cancer in the country showed an increase. In 1934 found only one case, then in 1937 to seven, and the current prevalence of about 1.8 per 100,000 population.

“Compared to the prevalence in the U.S. and other developed countries, cases of colon cancer in Indonesia is still low. However, this is no excuse for not reducing the amount of an infected,” he said.

In the U.S., said Sulchan, rates of 40 per 100,000 people, Europe (30), Japan (13), India (9), and Nigeria 2.5 cases per 100,000 population.

The same thing was proposed Chairman of the Association of Oncology Indonesia, Prof. Suhartati. Separately, in Jakarta, recently, Prof. Suhartati said the world is threatened explosion of cancer within the next 25 years. It is estimated that there will be 84 million people died of cancer. “The explosion of cancer mainly occurs in developing countries. Because no increase in cancer as much as 300 percent in 2030,” he said.

The reason, according to Prof. Suhartati, because cancer is included in the neglected endemic or disease without symptoms. Due to ignorance of the disease that makes people not do early prevention.

This is evidenced by patients who come already at an advanced stage conditions. “They come in a state of advanced and locally advanced stage or stage 4,” said Prof. Tati.

Based on the results of household health surveys, cancer is the fifth leading cause of death in Indonesia. In the last 20 years the numbers of cancer patients increased from 3.64 percent in 1981 to 6 percent in 2001.

Data of the American Cancer Society noted, the biggest cause of death in women in the world is breast cancer (19 percent), lung cancer (19 percent), and colon and rectum (15 percent).

In men, cancer diseases are dominated by lung cancer (34 percent), colon and rectum (12 percent), and prostate cancer (10 percent). It is estimated, 80-90 percent of cancers are caused by factors related to the environment and the food.

“From a nutritional standpoint, it is known that the energy, protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin A plays an important role in maintaining the immune system. Deficiency of nutrients that will paralyze the immune system, and ultimately the body is not able to withstand carcinogenesis (trigger cancer cells), “he said.

In studies using animal experiments proved that the restriction of certain foods can prevent the growth of various tumors. The theory underlying it is with food restriction will cause hormonal changes in the body, so the process of tumorigenesis (tumor formation) became obstructed.

“The disease tends to overwrite the visible tumor animal models (mice) that have excess weight due to eating too much,” says Prof. Tati.

Foods that are rich in fat was closely associated with the emergence of colon cancer and breast cancer. While a low fat content and high fiber intake, as in a vegetarian diet, can reduce the number of cancer patients.

Tumorigenesis will be growing on a diet low in polyunsaturated fat. Unsaturated fat, either single or double, is known as the fat is beneficial for the prevention of coronary heart disease. Vegetable materials such as nuts are generally rich in unsaturated fat.

Certain hormones thought to be responsible to the emergence of tumors. Spending the hormone triggered by consumption of high fat. An example is the hormone prolactin (serum) that stimulates tumor growth, the levels were increased when we eat foods rich in fat content.

“When we cook meat, HCAs formed compounds (compounds heterosiklis amines) which are believed to cause cancer. HCA emerged as a reaction between animal protein during the process of cooking or browning (pencokelatan). The fewer HCAs are formed, the healthier meat we consume , “he said.

However, acknowledged Prof. Tati, many people who do not know how to cook the food turned out to greatly affect the amount of HCA formed. Grilling meat in the oven will produce fewer HCAs than frying, baking, or grilling on the stove to high temperature.

While boiling slowly with a gradual heat, steam or cook with the oven, practically does not produce HCA. Various experiments on animals showed that HCA could potentially lead to cancer of the colon, breast, pancreas, liver, and bladder.

The study, conducted the New York University Medical Center suggests that women who eat red meat diligent chance of breast cancer doubled, compared to those who only eat poultry and fish.

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