million benefit behind the sports pool

on this occasion we will discuss about the benefits of sports pool …
we get to the point it …

Swimming is one sport that can improve the health of someone who jg is a sport without the force of gravity (non

weight barring). Swim fairly minimal risk of physical injury because of the time swimming around the weight held by the water or float. Also swimming is a sport that most recommended for those who are overweight (obese), pregnant women and patients with bone or joint problems arthritis. Swimming has many benefits that can be felt when we do it correctly and regularly, the benefits include: 

1. Build muscle 
When swimming, we move almost all the muscles in the body, from head, neck, upper limbs, chest, abdomen, back, waist, lower limbs, and feet. When moving around in the water, the body expends energy is greater because it must be ‘against’ the mass of water that is able to strengthen and flex the muscles of the body.
2. Improving the ability of cardiac function and lung 
Movement pushing and kicking the water with members of the body especially the hands and feet, can stimulate blood flow to the heart, blood vessels, and lungs. That is, swimming can be categorized as an aerobic workout in water.
3. Increase height
Swimming is good and right will make the body grow taller (for those who are still in the growth of course).
4. Practicing respiratory
Highly recommended for people who get asthma to swim because crdiovaskular and respiratory system can become stronger. Respiratory us become more healthy, smooth, and can breathing becomes longer.
5. Burn more calories
When swimming, your body will feel heavier to move in the water. Automatic energy required becomes higher, so it can effectively burn about 24% of calories the body.
6. Self Safety 
With swimming we do not have to worry if one day experience things that are not desirable, especially relating to water (falling into the sea, etc.).
7. Relieve stress. 
Psychologically, swimming can also create heart and mind more relaxed.Swimming movements are performed with ease and slowly, able to increase endorphins in the brain. Mood so cool, more cool mind, body free hot too.

Before swimming, ag body does not ‘surprise’, it is recommended to warm-up movements to prevent muscle cramps as well as serve to increase body temperature and heart rate gradually and also cool down after swimming to body temperature and heart rate did not decrease drastically by swimming slowly for 5 minutes.

For heating can be started by doing minor movements, such as swinging arms and legs or walk around the pool for 10-15 minutes. Then gradually start with one lap to cross the pond, then rest for 30 seconds several times and peak swim for 20-40 minutes without stopping. After several weeks, the exercise could be improved. Preferably, the changing style of swimming so that all the muscles trained.

The only ‘shortage’ of this sport is apparently less favorable for bone health. The absence of gravity while swimming just a bad influence on bone mass. To fix this, you can menyelinginya with other sports, like jogging, walking, or cycling.


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