shy daughter of a powerful plant treating hepatitis

this article is the continuation of an article yesterday that discusses the efficacyembarrassed daughter.
on this occasion we will outline the benefits of other plants that embarrasseddaughter:

Princess shame (Mimosa pudica L.) is a wild plant. Characteristic of this plant isits leaves shut when touched and has thorns on its trunk. Both medically andempirically, the daughter of shame can prevent and treat some diseases.

– Tannins
– mimosin
– Pipekolinat acid

Stew shy daughter has been tested to prevent and treat hepatitis. You do this byboiling the daughter of embarrassment as much as 10 grams in 200 cc of waterto boil for 15 minutes. Results decoction taken regularly.

Other efficacy, shy daughter of empirically mengatasiinsomnia, cough bronchitis,and rheumatism.


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