tips cope with plant disease bronkits embarrassed daughter

Who is not familiar with this one plant. Princess shame (Pudica Mimosa Linn: Latin) is a plant that is unique, that its leaves will close tightly when touched by objects that come into contact with the body directly (sensitive plant). Although this plant is classified as weeds because it is often found in gardens or in the bush, it turns out this plant also has many health benefits.

In China the plant is known as cao han xiu that has traditionally been used for generations. It was a sweet, astringent, is fairly cold and the plant also has a pharmacological effect, from leaves to roots has advantages for health such as sedatives (tranquilizers), sedatives, peluruh sputum (expectorant), anti-cough (antitusive), fever (antipiretic) , anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory), peluruh urine (diuretic).

Princess shame is also efficacious to overcome malaria. The roots and seeds can be to induce vomiting. Chinese medicine experts and research indicate the U.S. and Indonesia, the daughter of shame can be used to treat various diseases, such as acute inflammation of the eye, bladder stones, high fever in children, intestinal worms, insomnia, inflammation of the airways (bronchitis), and herpes.

Processing methods for the treatment of bronchitis, arthritis and herpes as follows:

Chronic bronchitis
Roots shy daughter and 60 grams of water 600 cc, boiled over a low heat to 200 cc, divided 2 times drinks / day. Do it for 10 days.

15 grams shy daughter roots immersed in 500 cc of white wine for 2 weeks. After that, apply and massage in a place that had rheumatism.

Diseases caused by this virus in one of them is the emergence of symptoms of pains in the nerves of the body.

Take a sufficiently embarrassed daughter leaves, wash clean.
Boil water in a saucepan until boiling stailess steel.
Use boiled water for bathing, especially for washing parts – body parts that already have a virus. Do it three times a day.
During treatment, avoid the drastic weather changes to prevent complications in the form of other health problems, such as respiratory tract infections.
Decoction of leaves can also be for the hurt caused by herpes in the area of ​​skin.But if you feel bothered at having to boil, then external use for wound healing of ulcers, or inflammation of the skin is not too severe, it can be done by the rub.That is quite a coarse grind of fresh plants (without the root) and then put on the injured area.

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