tips to overcome congestion in babies

many mothers who feel confused if their children have a stuffy nose child’s breathing becomes difficult, fussy.
to deal with it let us see the following article:


Nasal congestion is a classic problem experienced by an infant in the first month of life. These conditions

 make difficult the baby to suck milk from the nipple so the baby becomes fussy, especially nasal congestion often occurs at night.

Here are some tips that can be done to reduce the problem of nasal congestionin infants.

supine baby on the bed and then drop 2-3 drops of saline into the right nostril and left alternately. After the saline drops, immediately tengkurapkan baby or in a comfortable position. Saline solution can be purchased at a nearby pharmacy.
When excessive mucus production, using a vacuum suck the mucus specifically for babies. This tool can be obtained at a pharmacy / store medical equipment.Read how to use them carefully.
Elevate the head of the crib.
Feed or drink enough to give the baby.
Before bed, the baby should be bathed with warm water or run hot water showerand then take the baby inhaling water vapor emerging from the shower. Do notbathe the baby with hot water shower.
Do not give cough and cold or nasal spray for infants younger than 2 years.
If the complaint persists, see a doctor immediately.


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