tip to avoid red eye disease

Red eye disease or in medical terms is called conjunctivitis is one of the infectious diseases of the eye is highly contagious. The red color of the eye caused byinflammation of the lining of the eyes and white translucent inner surface of theeyelids.
Because contagious, it is important we take precautions to avoid disease. Here are a few:

Do not come into contact with someone who is suffering from conjunctivitis.
Do not touch objects or objects that have been used by people with conjunctivitis.
Stay away from people with red eyes who also has a cough and sneeze sneezing.
Do not swim with the patient konjugtivitis.
Encourage your child to remain at home when they suffer from red eyes.
Wash your hands thoroughly and often as possible every day.


One response to this post.

  1. that’s why it is helpful for us to wash our hands daily to avoid infections from our surroundings .,

    thank you.,


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