gecko expensive animal healer reliable

This article discusses the efficacy of meat geckos make ward off various diseases, and now much sought after and quite expensive. curious, just to the point …..

Efficacy gecko meat consumed as food or in powder form is believed to cure various diseases like skin diseases, asthma and also increases the stamina of men. But until now no research in pharmacology that is able to demonstrate the efficacy of treatment using the gecko. Gecko been reported in clinical practice (trials to living things) that showed a positive effect on malignant tumors. A research team led by Prof. Wang from Henan University of China had reported this. The findings were published in World Journal of Gastroenterology. But there is no research on pharmacological studies (the study of interactions between drugs, systems and processes of life) from the gecko, so that its mechanism of action of anti-tumor sebgai still unclear. As quoted from Medicalnewstoday on Monday (4/26/2010) reports the results of clinical practice geckos can not only strengthen the immune system of an organism but can also induce tumor cells opoptosis the tumor cells that can destroy itself. In clinical practice, the team of researchers used mice that female. In addition geckos are also believed to decrease the activity of VEGF and bFGF protein. These proteins influence the development of cancer cells. The impact of increasing the immune system that is detected by the thymus gland that can produce immune cells in the neck, spleen cells and phagocytes. As well known to a decrease in protein expression of VEGF and bFGF, and an increase of apoptotic cells that can kill tumor cells. Currently the World Health Organization (WHO) are conducting research on the efficacy of the flesh and skin of geckos that are believed to cure AIDS, asthma and various other skin diseases. This is to determine whether this treatment is really effective or not, and to see is there any possible side effects can be generated. Gecko has been known since decades ago as a traditional Chinese medicine and also as one of the diet. Along the development of information indicating the efficacy of this gecko, geckos are now including one animal that has a high selling price.

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