healthy noodles for a healthy body

for noodle lovers who now hear much news about the dangers of the chemicals in the noodles, do not are concerned, now there has been a healthy noodles made ​​from vegetable ….
The following explanation ….^^

Amaranth (Amaranthus spp) is a plant commonly grown for its leaves are consumed as green vegetables, this plant is said to originate from tropical America but now has spread throughout the world, and this plant is known asvegetable sources of iron are essential for the body.

The content of iron in spinach is relatively higher than other leaf vegetables, making it useful for people with anemia, it is generally beneficial to work Kidneyspinach, digestion, prevent loss of vision due to age are aging, the content oflutein and folatenya help prevent heart disease and the risk of birth defects ,content magnesiumnya beneficial to reduce the formation of gallstones.

Spinach Noodle present to you as a healthy food ready to eat with a very highnutrient content. Healthy food with a very affordable price


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