retreat retreat miracle healer

let’s see the benefits of animals on this one …….
 retreat-retreat can also be used as alternative drugs to overcome diabetes. Small animals usually found around the house leafs sand potent lowering of blood sugar. Retreat-retreat has a Latin name Myrmeleon sp. was efficacious lower blood sugar levels of diabetics.
According to a study headed by Tyas Kurniasih from Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, entitled Study Potential retreat-retreat Army (Myrmeleon sp) 2006, these animals contain a sulfonylurea. Work sulfonylurea in retreat-retreat is to wage the pancreas to produce insulin. Because, when the insulin in the human body decreases while the blood glucose levels rise, then there is an imbalance.Where the energy-producing insulin as the body continues to diminish. As a result, the body susceptible to disease.

Drug Store Owner Wan Fu at the Cotton Krampung Dang, Koh Eddy, admitted retreat-retreat from the Chinese people long known for the treatment of diabetes.Typically, raw-retreat retreat put into capsules or mixed with other herbal ingredients and then swallowed. The way this alternative treatment of diabetic patients are now beginning to be hunted.

Actually, Koh Eddy was brought in-gu-sharks (retreat-retreat land in Mandarin) from China in two years ago. However, when the diabetics in Surabaya less respond. “The purchase does not exist, so futile, eh now booming again in-gu-living sharks,” he said.

Dr. Lie Ying Huang Hwato of Clinical Medicine, Gubeng, Surabaya, revealed that in-gu-sharks is used in China as diabetes drugs, and in fact efficacious.”However, clinical research and clinical use in China has not been there,” Huang said the Chinese original and this can only Mandarin, Friday (27/10).

Residents Surabaya has proven efficacy retreat-retreat for treating diabetes is Roeslan, 50. Men living in the region of origin Mojokerto Jl.Tambakasari that have diabetes with blood sugar levels reach 300 mg / dl. However, after swallowing routine retreat-retreat, his blood sugar dropped to 140 mg / dl. “I got a retreat-retreat by searching in the village,” he said.

He drank twice a day by means swallow, gulp straight three tails. Because blood sugar levels have gone down, the consumption-departed undurnya tail reduced to three a day. If animals ingest it causing too much heat loss.

Retreat-retreat seekers and pengepulnya in Surabaya. As found in the area Gunungsari Surya. Fortunately, 40, a resident of Jl. It has received orders Jagalaya retreat-retreat. “Usually they come here looking for fish that I sell,” he said.

Once a mother comes with the bike could ask to find retreat-retreat. “According to retreat-retreat by the mother had been able to as diabetes drugs,” says this man with a mustache. arena in childhood play retreat-retreat, Lucky is not hard to find where these animals. He sold a retreat-retreat at 1,000 per cow. However, it depends on the season. The dry season is easy to find this needle dragonfly child. Conversely, if the rainy season is difficult, so the price is more expensive.Because the soil becomes wet. And retreat-retreat was reluctant to come out.

Ningsih, retreat-retreat collectors living in Nginden II said consumers usually at least 50 messages tail. For under that amount, an alumnus of this Perbanas respect to Rp 7,500 per cow. “If the message above 100 is worth 1,000,” he said.

According to him, the animal is not easy to die even if sent out of town. “Retreat, this retreat has the endurance to live a fairly high,” said Ningsih. In the closed condition contained plastic, retreat-retreat from existing live sand and ants.

Healthy regards ….^^

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