anemia during pregnancy hazard alert

Knowing Anemia in Pregnancy Period

Pregnancy is the period which the body very needs the maximum food intake for both physical and spiritual (always relaxed and not stressed). In this period also, pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to decreasing the body’s ability to work optimally. Pregnant women often complain being tired, headache, shortness of breath, pale face, and other complaints. All complaints are an indication that pregnant women are currently suffering anemia during pregnancy. The disease occurs due to low hemoglobin in the body. Anemia can be interpreted simply the lack of red blood cells in the blood than usual.

Anemia in Pregnancy Period Caused by Menstruation before Pregnant

The menstruation period become unpopular period because women always complain about the pain, body feels limp, decreased mood, and other complaints. Reduced blood in large quantities can triggers women face anemia. This will gradually brought up to the pregnancy that well known as anemia in pregnancy period. Anemia doesn’t occur in all women, but the disease is potentially experienced by the women. It’s better to regularly check the content of red blood cells at least once a month to prevent anemia during pregnancy in the future.

Anemia in Pregnancy Period Caused by Non Current Digestion

The cause of anemia in pregnancy can also result from non current digestion. It can make the process of red blood cells regeneration being blocked or not optimal. Every time the rotation system of red blood cells throughout the body always needs a working system of the body organs that are maximized, both in terms of cleanliness of blood and nutrients to keep the content of these blood cells. If the digestive process is always in good condition and the body in healthy condition, it can reduce the risk of anemia in pregnancy.

Anemia in Pregnancy Period Caused by Excessive Previous Diet

The wrong way of diet likes not eat (just drink), taking slimming drugs and supplements, eating only one kind offood, and other wrong ways, it makes intake body needs being incomplete and unbalanced. Inadequacy can make the regeneration of red blood cells become disrupted and ultimately the women may experience anemia during pregnancy.

Anemia in Pregnancy Period Caused by Thalassaemia

Thalassaemia is blood disability that is very major factor for the patient when experiencing anemia during pregnancy. Thalassaemia is a disease inherited from the family to the child. Gen disability cause hemoglobin in red blood cells become abnormal. Those who have Thalassaemia can’t produce enough hemoglobin in their blood. It’s very difficult to be avoided because it’s a congenital disease. Automatically the patient also can’t avoid anemia. Consultation to the doctor is the best way to handle this one if the patient wants to pass anemia during pregnancy maximally.

Anemia Prevention with Consuming Foods Contain Folic Acid

Other things that can also be done is consuming foods that are rich in folic acid, such as chicken liver or cow,

wheat, nuts, peanut butter, and mushroom (animal liver, organic wheat and nuts are recommended). By taking all these foods, folic acid that is needed by the body, especially the red blood cells can be fulfilled to the fullest.


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