lipstick hazard for dental health

there are many cosmetics that are harmful to the body, this article will discussabout the dangers of lipstick for the growth and health of teeth.

Lipstick has become an integral part of female beauty that is used every day and on various occasions. However, you should begin to consider the content of lipstick you wear. Researchers from the University of Sao Paulo Brazil to find lipstick adversely affect health. 

They found a lot of lip products that contain hard paraffin, a substance that damages tooth enamel.

Lipstick makeup products actually use paraffin in small quantities. “But, if used regularly, paraffin material can cause dental caries,” explained head of research group, Antonio Habier.

Paraffin will stick to the surface of the teeth, and glue the food particles are very small, thus creating a breeding ground and reproduction of bacteria that cause infection. You can only remove the remaining paraffin by repeatedly brushing your teeth.

Regular use of lipstick will make more bacterial infections and make the tiny crevices in the enamel. The gaps are not visible to the eye. You also will not be aware of the process of decay until you see there is a large cavity in the tooth.

So experts recommend that women who frequently daub her lips with lipstick to provide more protection for their teeth.


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