miracle fruit tomato

Tomato is a meal of raw materials which are very popular in recent decades.Tomatoes are often found in many different types of cuisine ranging from the western cuisine such as pizza, or local foods like chili. Behind the taste of fresh tomatoes turned out to have many benefits for health and for beauty. A lot of scientific research has been done to prove the many benefits of content for tomatoes. 

A Brief History of Tomato Fruit
When classified by science, tomato is a plant that comes from the family Solanaceae that originated from Central America (from Mexico to Peru).Spaniards who contributed to the spread of tomatoes in the Caribbean colonies, and then evolved again and spread to Asia and then throughout the world.

These plants have a fairly short life cycle, and able to grow to as high as 3 meters. Tomato plants have similarities with potatoes, even a few years ago had developed called totang plants (tomatoes – potato).
Content of Tomato Fruit
Did you know that tomatoes contain vitamin C which is higher than the orange!Based on a research note that the red tomato plants will be full of vitamin C and vitamin A. The more ripe tomatoes, its vitamin content even more.

Benefits of tomatoes not only rich in vitamin A and vitamin C alone you know!Apparently tomatoes also contain lycopene, a kind of anti-oxidants which is very useful for destroying free radicals caused by vehicle pollution, cigarette smoke and other harmful substances that enter the body. Lycopene is also known to play an active role in preventing cell damage that can lead to cancer, like prostate cancer, cervical cancer and so on.

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