snail repellent the animal tumor disease

for some animals this one, do not have any benefit, in addition to its disgusting,too weird.
but who would have thought, despite its odd shape, saved a tremendous benefit to heal the sick, do not believe it?
trust me …..

Benefits of Snails? Historically, Snails from East Africa, spread throughout theworld in a relatively short time, due to rapidly proliferate. Snails are spreadeastward through the islands of Mauritius, India, Malaysia, finally to Indonesia.Snails since 1933 there has been around Jakarta, other sources state that thesnail Achatina fulica into Indonesia in 1942 (during the Japanese occupation).Until now, Achanita fulica snail species found in Java.
Sentra farm snails are found in rural East Java, Bogor (West Java), NorthSumatra and Bali. Commonly reared snail Achatina fulica is a lot of people liked,because it contains a lot of snail meat species. It is said that in Europe, the snailspecies used as raw materials of food called Escargot. Originally made ​​from rawescargot Helix pomatia. Because Helix pomatia over time is difficult to obtain thesnail Achatina fulica Escargot replace it as raw material.
Benefits of snails which are:
In addition to animal feed snails are a source of high quality animal proteinbecause it contains essential amino acids complete. People who enjoyed food from raw materials snail (snail kebabs, chips snail) is a community of Kediri.Besides that snails are also often used in traditional medicine, because extractsof snail flesh and mucus is very useful for treating various diseases such as abortion, pain during menstruation, inflammation of the lining of the eye, tooth pain, itching, heart and others.

While the skin of snails is very efficacious for tumor diseases. A drug which is known comes from the skin of snails, called Maulie., Which can cure many diseases such as seizures, heart pounding like it, can not sleep / insomania,swollen neck and diseases including white women.


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