surefire tips to overcome the problem late wake

friends are hard to get up, work to be disrupted due to late wake.
Try to train yourself to bed early, so you can wake up refreshed. Routine work will not be disturbed even if you routinely do to bed early. Here are tips on how toeasily get up early without feeling forced and tortured.

 Make the nighttime routine

To be able to wake up earlier, one key is more reasonable sleep. Do a nightly routine that can stimulate a sense of sleepiness. Start with a warm bath, drinking a cup of chamomile tea, do deep breathing or lie in bed with a blanket or can also do light activities such as reading or writing a diary. If you can perform this ritual on a regular basis before sleep, you are guaranteed to sleep early and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

Turn off the TV and computer

Television and the internet can stimulate you to do many activities at night. Do not watch TV in bed and stop surfing the Internet starting at 20:00 pm.

 Avoid caffeine

Nineteen cup of coffee during the day might make you like an owl at night. Let’s stop taking coffee after 16.00 pm if you sleep at night do not want the hassle.

 Do not consume heavy meals at night

Heavy meal before bed can disrupt sleep and make your ritual is more difficult to get up in the morning. Keep doing dinner activity. But remember do not eat food with a heavy portion. Consumption of soups, stews vegetarian or can be a warm salad with vegetables, composition at night. This is better than you consume lots of fat such as meat.

 Open the blinds before sunrise

If you want to get up early, ask for help to anyone to open your blinds before sunrise. The entry of sunlight into the bedrooms are very good, as well as air circulation, sunlight can also wake your sleep.

 Know your motivation to get up in the morning

Think about what positive things that can motivate you to get up early. You need a reason to do something in order to be successful, not just an excuse to do something else. Write in a diary or a piece of paper, what activity would you start in the morning. Place beside your bed. Set your alarm, just before your activity starts in the morning.

 Make an appointment in the morning

The existence of an appointment that morning can train you to always get up early. Obligation to get up early, not only for yourself but also for others. You will consider yourself have a responsibility if you know that your presence is being awaited many.

  Give a gift to yourself

If you are the type of people who respond to rewards for a job well done, these tips are very important. Give yourself a gift as simple as a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe or 15 minutes reading the blog before you jump to the bathroom, but once you’ve done the hard work and doing great things, treat yourself before going to bed. Give yourself little rewards, such as gentle massage or a cup of tea.


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