the vampire leech water, a miracle healer

hi friends healthy …..^^
on this occasion we will discuss about the leeches.
leech has long believed it can be used for the treatment of the media, but stillmany who do not know this:
for more details we refer to the explanation:

Leeches can live in brackish, fields or water takungan. These animals have a habit of sucking the blood of other

animals or humans. Therefore you must berhati2 when positioned in the puddles, swamps or rivers. If it sucks human blood, these animals will continue to cling to the skin would not matter even if you pull it out with a vengeance, releasing the victim if he had been satisfied and his body full of blood bubbled mangsanya.Bila bitten by leeches quickly grab cigarette ash, sprinkle the ash, or alcohol in his body then is going to die. These leeches though his body broke in two, he will not die, cut his body will become a new leech.
A good type of leeches for treatment is a brownish-black and clean. Leeches contain protein and anti-clotting substance, this substance is scientifically called hirudin or hemaphilin, the main usefulness prevent blood clotting substances.

In patients die akebanyakan shoots (impotens), usually around the blood vein or trunk roads are clogged or the testicles are frozen, so that the penis is not tense, if the rods were washed cock leech oil (oil leeches) and sorted-order (do many kalu) blood meal around the penis to be great.

1. How to Treat Leech
Leeches are usually taken in the dry season, how to catch the ash, or dititis with kerosene so drained by leaving it under the scorching rays of the sun or baked.

Leeches are already cleaned fried in sesame oil until dry and then dried yellow.Also there is a difference between oil and non-native leech.

2. Several Efficacy Leech
a. Solve blood
b. Launched an irregular menstrual
c. Raising and thrilling cock
d. Leeches are used to suck the life of the sick body parts such as itching, rashes and scabies, scabies is difficult to recover.

3. Its use

a. Drunk in powder 2-4 grams

b. For topical medications such as oil leeches (leech oil), soaked live leeches and the liquid taken

4. Taboo
a. Those who are weak body, less blood, which has no blood clots, pregnant women are prohibited from using the drug.
b. Leeches should not be mixed with salt


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