tips to overcome the dry lips

Which woman did not want his lips soft and beautiful. All women must have craved. Lips dry and chapped lips are very disturbing beauty of us. For that, consider lip care the following tips.Stop peeled the skin off his lips. These are the basic rules of the road to beautiful lips. In addition to pain, activities of ‘disgraceful’ this will also cause mouth infections. To start treating the lips, use a warm towel and gently (gently) rub the skin is peeling. Perform removal of only thedry peeling skin only.
Take a cotton swab and apply a cream containing hydrocortisone ointment toheal sores on the lips. For morning and afternoon when you move, apply petroleum jelly, such as lip balm, lip to keep the humidity level.

If you want a natural, try it with regular rubbing honey on the lips before you sleepat night. If your lips are back ‘healthy’, you should also do the following, at least to prevent your suffering from recurring:

Remove lipstick, lip balm or any product related to your lips if they are over the age of one and a half years. When it expired, it will certainly be able to make yourlips irritated. Always keep clean when cleaning lipstick, lip means use special cleaners to clean the lipstick, because who knows there could beresidual pigment that makes skin irritated.


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