types of food taboos for pregnant women

for mothers who are pregnant, be careful with foods that are consumed, if thewrong food will cause problems for the womb.
This article will discuss about the kind of food should be avoided by pregnant women:

Raw MeatIf you are a fan of steak, you should throw away your dreams to devour him.Cooked meat can carry the virus undercooked salmonella, E.coli, and toxoplasmosis bacteria. If consumed can cause nausea and diarrhea. Even

more dangerous, meat can cause miscarriage and premature birth. To avoid this, make sure the meat is cooked properly. For red meat should be cooked at a temperature of 170 ° F. Simpelnya, avoid cooked food intake is less mature, as well as to the type of seafood.

Stay away from AlcoholThrow away the bad habits of alcohol drinking. Alcohol can damage and inhibit the development of the fetus, especially in the first trimester. However, in late pregnancy, drinking a small glass of wine is no problem. But it should consult with your doctor.

Reduce CaffeineThe doctors agree that the amount of caffeine equivalent to two cups of coffee per day, will not harm you or the baby. But it is strongly recommended that this is reduced.

Seafood Containing Mercury
Marine fish such as salmon, tuna, and shrimp contain lots of omega-3 essential fatty acids are very good for the brain development of infants. But seafood may also contain hazardous mercury, so it is better to limit intake to one or two six-ounce servings per week.

Herbal tea
Most herbal teas, like peppermint or chamomile, would be fine if taken pregnant women. But first you should ask your doctor to make sure the tea does not contain ingredients that can harm the baby. Because herbal ingredients such as raspberry leaf can cause contractions.

Cottage cheese
Soft cheeses may contain bacteria that are harmful to the baby if it is not pasteurized. Be sure to check labels and ask your doctor first.

Artificial Sweeteners
Sugar substitutes like aspartame, NutraSweet and Splenda are chemical additives that have not been sufficiently studied to determine if it is safe during pregnancy. Instead, limit your diet soda and sugar-free candy. If you want to eat the sweet, taste sometimes.

Beef liver is recommended to be consumed by pregnant women. Liver is a source of iron and vitamin A needed for fetal development. However, since this organ is a filter toxins, it could be too risky to mengnonsumsinya while pregnant.


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