avocado fruit million benefit

this one fruit much hated by the people who has the posture of body fat, becausethey assume an avocado is a fruit that quickly lead to obesity.
upppss …!!
you are wrong, let’s clay validity.!

Including a special avocado fruit because they contain 20-30 times more fat thanother fruits. Fat content could provide sufficient energy when consumed. Type offat they contain is unsaturated fat, which happens easily digestible and useful to the body. Thus, avocado sad high enough energy behind it’s a tasty and delicious and not bitter.If sorted, nutrients contained in one avocado is as follows: 95 mg of phosphorus;23 mg calcium; 1.4 mg iron; 9 mg sodium; 1.3 mg of potassium; 8.6 mg niacin;660 mg of vitamin A; and 82 mg of vitamin C.Beside rich in fat, the avocado is also rich in minerals all of which are useful toregulate body functions and stimulate growth. Iron and copper contained in themto help the regeneration of red blood cells and prevent anemia. Also,simultaneous fiber content helps digestion. In addition, it can lower high cholesterol levels because they contain carbohydrates and unsaturated fats.

If concluded, the following properties of avocado for the health of our bodies:

Source of vitamin E and B
Lowering blood cholesterol
moisturize skin
Assist regeneration of red blood
prevents anemia
prevents constipation
prevent malnutrition
Source of unsaturated fat content


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