eye pain disappeared with medicinal plants

eye diseases can not only be cured through the hands of doctors, we can do it yourself, by making use of medicinal plants that exist around us:

Eye pain, watery, and sore is very disturbing us. In addition to the health, can alsointerfere with performance because the eye will look red and out-colored stools.
Besides the dangerous, eye disease is one disease that is contagious. Thereforettdaklah wonder if there is one family anggote affected, all other family membersalso participated tertutar. 0! Uh, therefore, if you treat it immediately menderitesore eyes so as not menuiar on others.
There is an easy and inexpensive way to kfta lakukars to treat this eye disease.
The trick is: •
1. Take a few betel leaves, wash them clean and re-ditembah solikit buslah withsalt to boiling.
2. Seteiah that lift from perapaan and wait until cool, then filtered using a cleancloth.
3; Use filtered water to wash the sick eye every day 3 kaii. If you are keen to do it, surely you suffered eye disease will recover quickly while not too bad.

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