about abdominal pain

abdominal pain according to some people is a very common disease that infects humans.
but many people do not know what it was actually upset stomach.
The following explanation:

The following information, obtained by taking a patient history, is important in helping doctors determine the cause of the pain:

The way the pain began. For example, abdominal pain that comes suddenly suggests a sudden event, for example, interruption of blood supply to the colon (ischemia) or obstruction of the bile duct by a gallstone (biliary colic).
Pain location. 
Appendicitis (appendicitis) typically causes pain in right lower abdomen, the usual location of the appendix (appendix)
Diverticulitis typically causes pain in lower left abdomen divertikuli where most colonies are located.
Pain from the gallbladder (biliary colic or cholecystitis) typically is felt in the right upper abdomen where the gallbladder is located.
Pain patterns. 
Obstacles / barriers of the intestine initially causes waves of pain abdominal cramps are caused by contractions of intestinal muscles and penggelembunagn of the intestine.
Pain is such a true spasm contractions of the intestine suggest that powerful.
Obstacles / barriers of the vascular / bile ducts by gallstones typically causes upper abdominal pain is a constant which lasted between 30 minutes and several hours.
Acute pancreatitis typically causes severe pain, relentless and constant in the upper abdomen and back (rear) upper. Pain from acute appendicitis (acute appendicitis) initially may start near the navel (umbilicus), but when inflammation develops, the pain moved to the right lower abdomen. Character of pain may change with time. For example, obstruction of the bile ducts sometimes develop into inflammation of the gallbladder with or without infection (acute cholecystitis).When this occurs, characteristics, characteristics of pain turned into a sore inflammation.
Duration (Term) Hospital. 
Pain of IBS typically spotty (tidal) through months or years and may last for several decades.
Biliary colic lasts no more than a few hours.
Pain of pancreatitis lasts one day or more.
Pain from acid-related disease – gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or duodenal ulcers – typically show keperiodean, ie, a period of weeks or months during which the pain is worse followed by periods of weeks -weeks or months in which the sub was the pain better.
Functional pain may show a similar pattern of this keperiodean.
That aggravate the pain. Pain caused by inflammation (appendicitis, diverticulitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis) typically is aggravated by sneezing, coughing or any movement that thrill. Patients with inflammation as the cause of their pain prefer to lie down.
Eliminating the Pain.
Pain from IBS and constipation often eliminated temporarily by bowel movements or associated with changes in bowel habits.
Pain caused by the obstacle / barrier of the stomach or upper small intestine may be omitted temporarily by vomiting which reduces the distension caused by the obstacle / barrier.
Consuming antacids may temporarily relieve pain from ulcers of the stomach or duodenum (duodenum) as both food and antacids neutralize acid that is responsible to irritate ulcers and cause pain.
Pain that wakes patients from sleep are more likely to be caused by causes that are not functional.
Signs and Symptoms of Related. 
The presence of fever suggests inflammation.
Diarrhea or rectal bleeding suggests an intestinal illness caused by.
The presence of fever and diarrhea suggest inflammation of the intestines that may be infectious or not infectious (ulcerative colitis (ulcerative colitis) or Crohn’s disease).


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