how to overcome the potent uric acid quickly and safely

this article we will discuss about how to cope with acid urat.sebagian people do not know exactly how the characteristic features of this disease.
on this occasion I will give little I knew about the symptoms of gout and how to overcome them.
may be useful …….^^

ghout caused high levels of uric acid in the blood due to disturbances of protein metabolism of purines. Normally, uric acid value for women from 2.4 to 6,while for men from 3.0 to 7. An increase in blood uric acid There are other typicalurate crystals in joint fluid, which tofus There has been proved by chemicalexamination, occurred more than one attack of pain in the joints, the presence ofan attack on the joints, especially the big toe joints The joints look red, the existence of asymmetric swelling in one joint, absence of bacteria andinflammation during the attacks.

Symptoms Gout usually marked with Tingling and pains, aches, especially at night or early morning waking, joints affected by gout visible swelling, redness, heat and incredible pain at night and morning. To heal / treat diseases uricacid is the traditional way and there are miraculous things to do, among others:

Avoiding foods that can increase uric acid, such as the innards (liver, kidney,spleen, tripe, intestines, lungs and brain), Avoid seafood: shrimp, clams, squid,crab. Canned food: corned beef, sardines and meat extracts, eggs, broth orgravy that viscous.avoid also food chips, melinjo, kale and spinach, cassavaleaves, leaves Cashew, Asparagus, Beans and Flower Kol.avoid nuts: Nutsland, Green Beans, Soybeans, Tempe, Tauco-, bean sprouts, Oncom-, Soy Milk.
Avoid eating the fruit durian, avocado, pineapple, coconut, soursop juice.
Avoid alcoholic beverages and food
In obese people, uric acid is usually increased, while spending less. So forsafety, people are usually advised to lose weight.
Drink plenty of water, as with drinking lots of water, we can help get rid of purinesin the body.


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