Tips on How to Overcome and treat ulcer disease

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this time our discussion about how to cope withheartburn. friends certainly familiar with this disease right?
to increase our knowledge of heartburn let’s discuss further.
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Maag is one of stomach illness suffered by many people. Sometimes people underestimate the disease because they think heartburn is a mild disease, in fact whatever the illness is detrimental to health, if left and it was not preventable disease may be severe, such as chronic gastritis or chronic stomach, because the disease is essentially attacking the stomach. Symptoms are nausea, stomach feels sore and bloated. There are many ways to cope with these ulcers, can also take advantage of natural ingredients such as avocado. But here is not an avocado that will be used but the seeds of avocado ersebut. How do I use avocado seed it?

Wash the avocado seeds with boiled water.
Grated avocado seed.
Grated avocado seed that has been mixed with 100 CC of boiled water
Strain grated avocado seed and throw it away, take the juice just enough to drink.
Ulcers are not severe enough to drink one a day, for a severe ulcer is recommended to drink 2 times a day until srmbuh.
So tips on how to resolve penykit ulcer and how to make drugs from avocado seeds.
Natural ways to treat and cure the ulcer disease could also use gold gamat jelly g sea cucumber, what is it? gamat jelly is a health food derived from natural materials in the form of gamat or sea cucumber originated from marine animals, with modern technology and research of marine animals is very useful to overcome and cure various diseases such as complaints of high blood pressure, diabetes, and ulcer disease koleterol either still common and chronic.

the reason why gold g jelly gamat able to overcome and heal at the same time treat the disease are:

Gold-G has the ability in the regeneration of cells so that the main reason sea cucumber is used to cure various diseases, “said Dr. Pieter A. W. Pattinama, RS PGI Cikini, Jakarta.
Doctors Hariadi consume sea cucumber extract to overcome gastritis. At the same time he also gave to people with gastritis. The dose is two tablespoons three times a day. Two months later appear advances such as nausea and bloating disappeared. According to an alumnus of the Faculty of Medicine of Diponegoro University’s sea cucumber contains collagen to accelerate healing.
Men born in Semarang, February 28, 1963 was also prescribe sea cucumber extract for joint pain and a variety of patient injuries. The healing process is relatively quick because the urchins are able to regenerate cells in a short time.Until now there has been no side effects. Since sea cucumber is an organic supplement so that the absorption in the body going well, he said
Aside from being able to regenerate cells, sea cucumbers are rich in nutrients.”Most active compound in the form of antioxidants, either to repair the human body cells,” said the doctor graduated from University of Indonesia.
That is one reason why Gold-G is very efficacious for the regeneration of cells for ulcer sufferers. For patients with acute ulcer, it is sometimes difficult to swallow food. So that the body needs nutrients for ulcer patients is lacking. Gold-G Protein-rich content will help the ulcer patients to obtain nutrition.
In addition to the jelly gamat efficacy in treating ulcer disease because it has the properties of rapidly regenerating cells that will be useful to address the problem of ulcer disease or gastric injury caused by the ulcer disease.


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