powerful way of eliminating dandruff

Our country is indeed a tropical country which has only two seasons, rainy and dry seasons. Entering the season, a lot of complaints about dirty hair and the appearance of dandruff.
dandruff is very disturbing scene, in addition to itching in the head also makes the hair look unhealthy. this time we will discuss more about how to eliminate dandruff. 

Actually, what is dandruff? There is a living trust because he brings itch like mosquito bites. But apparently, dandruff is not a living thing, it is dirt that has accumulated, causing clogged pores that become intense itching inside the head. Taste is increasing as we head sweat. Moreover, if carded and cause infection, it may break this head.

Dandruff is very easy to remove. Early stages, you must be careful in the rinse when shampooing, because the remaining shampoo would make it piled on the scalp and this is the dandruff. Dirt, too, if after the move, do not hesitate to wash it. There is no prohibition to wash every day as long as using a conditioner afterwards because shampoo can make hair dry. Do not forget to rinse the conditioner thoroughly. Do not use conditioner on the scalp because it will cause a buildup of active substances that become dandruff as well.

May also use a lemon, because dandruff dirt stuck to the scalp is not easily peeled off with shampoo alone. So apply lime in dandruff and rinse thoroughly.

may be useful …
Healthy regards …^^


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