healthy herbs for headaches

you have problems with recurring headaches? want a powerful way to relieve headaches quickly and securely?
this article will explain on how to eliminate the headaches with herbal ingredients are healthy and safe course.
The following explanation:
Peppermint or mint tea, how to wear with with the drinking
Lemon juice; Add the lemon juice into a glass of water or hot tea
Aromatherapy from orange peel; paste on the forehead or brow
Perform deep breathing and breathe fresh air
If the headaches caused by stress or fatigue, do the massage at neck, shoulders, temples and hands. try to relax
Vitamin deficiencies and allergies can also cause headaches. Identify you  reating patterns can cause headaches and avoid the kinds of foods.Symptoms of dehydration can also cause headaches. Drinking water was warm sufficiently to reduce the symptoms of headaches
The content of caffeine can cause headaches as well, you can still choose to consume the drink but a drink with this type of decaf.good luck …
Healthy regards …^^

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