types of fungi and the tremendous benefits

This article will discuss about the umbrella-shaped plants, fungi, certain friends have known about this plant, in addition to the unique shape, many of the benefits contained therein.
The following explanation:

Mushrooms are also a good source of vitamins such as thiamin, niacin, biotin and ascorbic acid. Vitamin A and D are rarely found in fungi, but the white oyster mushroom contained ergosterol that are precursors of vitamin D. Mushrooms are generally rich in minerals, especially phosphorus, other minerals contained in between calcium and iron.

Here are the types and benefits of mushrooms for humans: 

White Oyster Mushroom
useful as a deterrent hypertension, prevent cancer and contains lovastatin (a cholesterol-lowering). Experts abroad have managed to extract Oyster Mushroom White to take an active compound lovastatin.

* Mushroom lingzhi 
believed to increase metabolism and delay premature aging. From the research results of Japanese researchers, proves that ganoderma contains 800 – 2000 ppm of organic germanium, which
4-6 times stronger than ginseng, but it also contains Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides can strengthen the immune system. The people of Japan and China has proved this, they had consumed mushrooms thousands of years ago.

Mushroom Ear
as anti-cholesterol and neutralize toxic compounds. British people believe that the fungus can cure sore throat ear.
Especially for ear fungus, in addition to a lot of its usefulness in the composition of daily food menu that is as a meat substitute, as a vegetable, and as a “thickening” (because it has a mucus), also has another function as a neutralizing agent.
In the menu of the Chinese since time immemorial until today, there is still a belief that the mucus in the ear mushrooms can be efficacious to neutralize harmful compounds contained in food. Therefore, do not be surprised at the type of food that consists of many foodstuffs, are being added ear fungus. The goal, neutralize toxic if present in one of the earlier material.
* Mushroom Merang
useful as a deterrent anemia / anemia, cancer and high blood.
Mushroom is also a source of several kinds of enzymes, especially trypsin, which are crucial for helping the digestive process. Mushroom can also be used as protective foods as vitamin B-complex which includes the complete riboflavin and essential amino acids are fairly complete.

* Shiitake Mushrooms 
useful as inhibitors of tumor growth and cancer up to 72-92%
Shiitake is also known as food ingredients that have potential as a drug. This fungus is reported to have potential as an antitumor and antiviral properties because they contain compounds known as polysaccharide lentinan. Shiitake also been reported to lower blood cholesterol levels with activity eritadenin owned.
Shitake glutamic acid content in high enough. Amino acids are associated with taste who posed as a food flavoring. Besides having a high content of glutamic acid, shiitake also contains five thousand nucleotides in the number besar156, 5 mg/100 grams.

Another benefit mushrooms for health are as follows: 

1. Lowering blood cholesterol.
2. Boost the immune system.
3. Overcoming the digestive and liver disorders.
4. Rich in vitamins and minerals and proteins.
5. Blood circulation.
6. Inhibiting HIV-AIDS virus.

may be useful …
Healthy regards …^^


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