how powerful, healthy and naturally eradicate head lice

one animal that is highly related to hair, that’s right, he is head lice, small animals but very disturbing, many of us are eager to eradicate the animals that one ini.artikel this time I will discuss about the symptoms and treatment of healthy natural and eradicate the infestation hair.
The following explanation:

Hair lice are hard to find because the color is very similar to hair color and small size. Male adult lice are about two millimeters, while the female is slightly larger because it has the abdominal cavity for the eggs.


Frequent head scratching is the main sign of a person has head lice. But to ensure its existence, the most practical is to spread a towel or a white handkerchief and put the child’s head on it, then comb hair with a special comb for lice (serit). In the villages people used to keep combs of this type, which is usually double-edged and scalloped meetings and rigid. If there are head lice, the lice and their eggs are white will fall or attached to the comb. 

Handling Experience
1. Hair Trimming 

For boys who have severe head lice problem, the easiest way to eliminate it is to cut hair to bald. Shaving should be done at home, not in the barbershop to avoid the possibility of transmission to others.

2. Busters Natural Substance 

Although currently available drugs lice killing chemical, some people still prefer the natural way to eradicate. In addition to not always effective, however chemical drugs can have side effects to the body (read carefully the rules of its useful life when you use it).

Here are some natural ingredients are easily available and effectively remove head lice:

Eucalyptus oil and lemon juice. Mix a few tablespoons of eucalyptus oil with lemon juice. Use the mixture to wet hair and massage the scalp and hair with a squeeze-squeeze evenly for several minutes. Cover the scalp with a plastic shower cap and allow the fluid to work for an hour. Then, Wash your hair thoroughly. Comb hair with a special comb to clean the lice eggs that are still attached. Repeat several times a week until your child is completely flea free.
Coconut oil. Coconut oil (Java: klentik oil) can enter the respiratory tract and kills lice by making them lethargic and dehydrated. When children go to bed, pour the warm coconut oil and squeeze my head like a hair wash. Wrap head with plastic shower cap and tidurkan children. In the morning, wash your child’s head to clean the oil. Comb hair with a special comb to clean the lice eggs that are still attached. Do it three nights in a row. Check your child’s hair back and repeat only if necessary.
White Vinegar. White vinegar does not kill fleas, but effectively makes lice eggs easily separated from his grip on the hair. In addition, the vinegar is also an antiseptic that can clean mold and bacteria in the head. Wet your child’s head and scalp with vinegar. Close the head with a plastic shower cap for 30 minutes so the vinegar soak and work. Comb your hair with a special comb to remove lice and their eggs. The eggs are very sticky on your hair previously would easily berlolosan. Then, Wash your hair thoroughly. Repeat several times until your child is lice-free hair.

3. Prevention 

Prevention is the most effective therapies and expensive.

After realizing your child has head lice, check for other family members and make sure none of the other family members are also troubled head lice. Do the same treatment when a family member is affected.
Try not to share equipment can be a source of infections such as flea combs, hats, towels, pillows, etc..
Do not hang towels, hats, veils and others in the same hanger so that lice can jump from one item to another more about hair protection——>>

may be useful …..
Healthy regards …^^


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