million benefit behind fruits

this article, I will discuss about the benefits to health barking, so hungry, discuss about the fruit … hehehe
Further, we will explore this opportunity out of a million benefits to our health barked.
The following explanation:

Fruits for health benefits fruits are very beneficial to health one of the fruits for health benefits are for eye health, according to dr. Hendrawan Nadesul, seyogyianya eye care has been started since childhood. Even since I was in the womb. How mothers during pregnancy to prevent toxoplasmosis infection to the baby is not defective retinal growth eyeballs. Have we apply the reading habits with good and true? Remember the lessons of time elementary school, we asked the mother / father sepenggaris teacher read to the distance from the books we read with 60 watts of lighting from the back or side.

Vitamins are used to maintain and keep eyes healthy is vitamin A. when we are school teachers, we always recommend eating lots of carrots to meet the needs of vitamin A. While dr. Pericone recommends avoiding the carrots in the diet to wrinkle-free because according to him the many foods that are high in vitamin A (as carotene) can cause an inflammatory response as a result of the high sugar content. Nach for the glasses when you’re trying to reduce wrinkles youthful enterprise alias yes you should replace the carrots with juice barking.

Eating lots of carrots as a source of vitamin A majority, or add extra vitamins A not cure nearsightedness. The sharpness of the eye is not corrected by administering vitamin A. vitamin A in the eye only adds to the sharpness of seeing light and dark (night blindness). Dr. Hendrawan also said that the location of disturbances farsightedness abnormality in the retina but not in the eyes of a shortened axis, so that the medicine is the glasses. As is the case on my colleagues, the use of glasses can be eliminated because of the minus is still a little (fourth), maybe if you are already a lot, eyeglasses are the cure.

Recent research presented by Nurfi Afriansyah, MSc of Nutrition and Food Research Centre Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia as written in the tabloids a healthy lifestyle that beta-carotene content in 100 grams of bark approximately 5.5 times more than the mango, guava and 3kali compared 5kali watermelon red. Unfortunately not say how much time the carrots.

Nach why not replace the tomato juice, carrots that have so far ordered in restaurants or prepared at home with mango juice mixed salak now more seasons. Or you may experiment with a mixture of various fruits that exist. Our beloved country presents a tempting variety of fruit to be mixed with the barking. I used to make juice with 5 types of fruit to meet the needs of five servings of fruit per day.
and make it a habit may be useful to our bodies consume fruit more healthy …
Healthy regards …^^


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