pica, eating everything diseases

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this time we will membahs about pica disease, there are definitely among my friends who ask even astonished wonder, what is this disease … heeheehe: D
quiet, I’ll answer the curiosity of friends.


The following explanation:

Pica is common in children, pregnant women and adults. Pica sufferers typically consume food that does not make sense. Pica is common in children and adults.

A total of 10 to 32 percent of children aged 1-6 years had a strange habit of eating this. Not only children, Pica may also occur in pregnant women, especially those experiencing psychological disorders. Pica also occurs in adults who are dieting, addicted to a certain texture in the mouth or who have social or economic problems.

The cause is still not clear. But some researchers speculate that iron deficiency and anemia lead to eating them. Pica sufferers usually often eat dirt, sand, leaves, stones, chalk, cigarette butts, lamps, pencils, iron, ice, paint, clay, feathers, mud and even animal dung.

PICA disease with no signs or symptoms. The only way to find out is by doing blood tests to determine the content of iron and zinc. Although children are often put all things into his mouth, but parents should be vigilant and suspicious when it becomes a habit.

To cure patients with PICA, the overall handling is required, the correct behavior include education, environmental support and family approach. Punishment is also quite effective to cope with PICA. Pica sufferers need a figure of a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist who can overcome his psychological problems.

The use of drugs is only necessary if the patient has experienced Pica disorder or mental illness. In some cases, eating disorders are usually disappear a few months and heal by itself. But in other cases, the disease can persist until adolescence or adulthood, especially if you’ve suffered a nervous breakdown.

A frequent complication among which infections, digestive problems, poisoning and malnutrition.

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