The best way of fasting organic

Fasting is the only teraphy the best natural healing, fasting is not just a function which is especially applicable but is to prevent the occurrence of various symptoms of the disease, the healing of various diseases, physical and psychic. read the article about the best tips perform fasting.

fasting children

And now that fasting is one of the fastest methods in the process of detoxification, the process of disposal of toxins and healing takes place with the optimum. In the fasting does not mean not eating and drinking, we avoid dense foods (eg rice, bread, meat, flour and sugar) so it only consumes in the form of liquid or juice. The components in the fasting is Melilea Greenfield Organic, mineral water, fruit juice, vegetable nodes that will assist in the removal of toxins in the body.

We need not fear that our bodies will be malnourished during fasting, because the whole body needs in vitamins, nutrients, and calories in inadequate if Melilea organic juice (juice of vegetables and fruit almost 30 kinds) with a high degree of assimilation that requires little digestion process.

Fasting increases the process of removing toxins from the small intestine, large intestine (Colon), liver (Liver), kidney, lung, and skin Pankreas. One effective way is to do a fasting fasting Organic for 7 days, if fasting is less than 3 days you will not get optimal results, because the cleaning process has not reached the tipping point, will appear early the following day of his hunger was not a problem.

Some of the symptoms that arise during fasting (only 1 to 2 days, but if it can be problematic body up to 1 week):

– Headache

– Sensitivity increases (sound, touch, smell)

– White membrane on the tongue thickened

– The mouth and breath, body or urine odor

– Thirst

– Mens do not run out for 2 weeks

– Nausea, vomiting his Etc.

A symptoms is a sign that your body reacts in the detox process and the metabolic processes of each person is different. (Precautions by drinking plenty of water)

Fasting schedule

Organic is good Melilea Hours 7:00 12:00 18:00

Apple fruit in juice (do not no skin) Hour 10:00 15:00 20:00

How to consume Organic Melilea:

Pour cold water into a cup lid 300 cc / glass lid and insert tuper ware Greenfield Organic in the cap directly on the beat is roughly 6 times and then immediately drink (not on leave will occur thickening process). There is no sense and can be mixed with the Soya (soya) / Honey bit / Juice fruit. Do not forget the 30 minutes and then drink plenty of water.

With problems of heartburn are advised to eat a few spoons of rice only, after that drink greenfield Organic. 30 minutes then drink the water should be 750 cc.

The first week: Greenfield Organic 1 teaspoon 3 times a day

Week two: 1.5 Greenfield Organic spoon 3 times a day

and week three: 2 tablespoons continue until our health is restored and the sewage we were in yellow gold.

Slow way:

First day: 1 teaspoon Greenfield Organic 1 day 1 x

Day two: 1 tablespoon Greenfield Organic 1 day 2 x

Day three: 1 tablespoon a day Greenfield Organic 3 x

Week 2: 1.5 tablespoons a day Greenfield Organic 3 x

Week 3: 2 tablespoons a day Greenfield Organic 3 x and so on

Slow way is:

The first week: 1 tablespoon a day Greenfield Organic 1 x

The second week: 1 tablespoon Greenfield Organic 1 day 2 x

The third week: 1 tablespoon a day Greenfield Organic 3 x

The size of the spoon already in Greenfield Organic. If you take a large bottle of it in the consumption of  ½ of the above rule.

(If it is for our health maintenance can consume a day 1 time every morning just after breakfast) for which there is a complaint disease: Injury Diabetes, Scabies / Enzymes, burns are advised to consume greenfield and sprinkle the powder into the troubled Organic Greendfield until healed. Greenfield Organic can be used to mask the face, hands and feet 1 x week for 15 minutes (For skin that easily exfoliate could do 2 weeks 1 x only)

Organic Melilea consumes only for the purpose of resting the digestive system total. When you chew or eat the fruit means that the enzyme works, when the Organic fasting therapy will help remove accumulated toxins (attached to a long hard dirt along the intestinal wall that can not come out naturally). If not remove the toxins and will be absorbed into the body, and then circulates in the blood circulation, tissue damage, lowered vitality & immunity and cause various diseases.

In our body there are various organs of elimination which is used to remove toxins from the skin, lungs, liver, kidney and large intestine (Colon).

By eating Organic Melilea suitable heartburn (due to filling and ulcer can heal back), can increase endurance, help digestive problems, skin problems can be overcome ter (acne, eczema, elergi), Stroke, Diabetes (must subtract the weight, sugar and carbohydrates). Exercise is very important in speeding up the process of detoxification through perspiration.

may be useful … and congratulations to run fast ….
Healthy regards ….^^


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