The best treatment for asthma

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this time I will talk about asthma.
The following explanation:

To date, no known cure asthma. However, the disease can be controlled. The goal of treatment is to make life better quality.
There are two types of drugs that need to be consumed for asthmatics, ie that is the controller and lozenges. Type of controller medications (controllers), at least should be used every day, whether in good health or not.
Function inflammatory drugs (asthma control), prevent / reduce the frequency and weight of the attack. Among the various types of controllers, inhaled corticosteroids are the best control.


While the salve is a drug used in emergencies, to relieve symptoms, but does not help to resolve inflammation or swelling of the airways. Differences with the controller, lozenges only be used when asthma symptoms appear, so not every day.
Days of transition such as now, people with asthma should elevate the status of guard. This is not because the weather changes and cold air can also trigger asthma. It’s not all sufferers will show the same reaction. “However, in the weather like today, every person who has asthma should always carry control the disease with drugs controller and reliever medications wherever go.
Controlled asthma is characterized by the absence of activity limitations caused by symptoms or asthma attacks. The results of pulmonary function tests were also normal and the patient without the need for emergency visits to hospital.

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