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earthworms cure myriad diseases

for people with cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, could try the media treatment of animals through this one, if still not believe it ….
This proof ….

Earthworms including invertebrate animals (invertebrates). He lives in the soilloose and moist. Earthworms contain high levels of protein, approximately 76%,much higher than the levels of protein in mammalian meat (65%) and fish (50%).
Earthworms have many properties to cure diseases and maintain health. There have been many people who consume without contact with the side effects. Continue reading


the vampire leech water, a miracle healer

hi friends healthy …..^^
on this occasion we will discuss about the leeches.
leech has long believed it can be used for the treatment of the media, but stillmany who do not know this:
for more details we refer to the explanation:

Leeches can live in brackish, fields or water takungan. These animals have a habit of sucking the blood of other

animals or humans. Therefore you must berhati2 when positioned in the puddles, swamps or rivers. If it sucks human blood, these animals will continue to cling to the skin would not matter even if you pull it out with a vengeance, releasing the victim if he had been satisfied and his body full of blood bubbled mangsanya.Bila bitten by leeches quickly grab cigarette ash, sprinkle the ash, or alcohol in his body then is going to die. These leeches though his body broke in two, he will not die, cut his body will become a new leech.
A good type of leeches for treatment is a brownish-black and clean. Leeches contain protein and anti-clotting substance, this substance is scientifically called hirudin or hemaphilin, the main usefulness prevent blood clotting substances. Continue reading

snail repellent the animal tumor disease

for some animals this one, do not have any benefit, in addition to its disgusting,too weird.
but who would have thought, despite its odd shape, saved a tremendous benefit to heal the sick, do not believe it?
trust me …..

Benefits of Snails? Historically, Snails from East Africa, spread throughout theworld in a relatively short time, due to rapidly proliferate. Snails are spreadeastward through the islands of Mauritius, India, Malaysia, finally to Indonesia.Snails since 1933 there has been around Jakarta, other sources state that thesnail Achatina fulica into Indonesia in 1942 (during the Japanese occupation).Until now, Achanita fulica snail species found in Java. Continue reading

diligent eating fish, protected from rheumatism

for lovers of fish, should be proud, because the fish turned out to have the efficacy to cure rheumatism,
here it is the explanation ……^^

A study by the University of Washington, USA, showed that women who frequentlyate fish less likely to experience joint pain than women who do not eat fish.

However, if overdo have arthritis (this disease is now attacking not only the old-oldwomen, but also the young), it is advisable to eat lots of fish that contain healthyfats, aka omega 3, such as salmon, tuna, sardines, and mackerel. Continue reading

gecko expensive animal healer reliable

This article discusses the efficacy of meat geckos make ward off various diseases, and now much sought after and quite expensive. curious, just to the point …..

Efficacy gecko meat consumed as food or in powder form is believed to cure various diseases like skin diseases, asthma and also increases the stamina of men. But until now no research in pharmacology that is able to demonstrate the efficacy of treatment using the gecko. Gecko been reported in clinical practice (trials to living things) that showed a positive effect on malignant tumors. A research team led by Prof. Wang from Henan University of China had reported this. Continue reading

retreat retreat miracle healer

let’s see the benefits of animals on this one …….
 retreat-retreat can also be used as alternative drugs to overcome diabetes. Small animals usually found around the house leafs sand potent lowering of blood sugar. Retreat-retreat has a Latin name Myrmeleon sp. was efficacious lower blood sugar levels of diabetics.
According to a study headed by Tyas Kurniasih from Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, entitled Study Potential retreat-retreat Army (Myrmeleon sp) 2006, these animals contain a sulfonylurea. Work sulfonylurea in retreat-retreat is to wage the pancreas to produce insulin. Because, when the insulin in the human body decreases while the blood glucose levels rise, then there is an imbalance.Where the energy-producing insulin as the body continues to diminish. As a result, the body susceptible to disease. Continue reading

pets miracle healer

good news for animal lovers, this time we will discuss about pets that can cure themalignant disease…..
 Here are some of the top animal in the world that can help humans heal some diseases, as revealed by Lynsey Haywood:
1. Dogs can sniff cancer
Four-legged animals, not only can be friends, they can also detect cancer early stage through the senses of smell. Continue reading