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rescued children from the dangers of obesity Part I

child is identical with that taste something sweet, be it candy, chocolate. surely all the children liked it. but do we realize that behind it all there is danger lurking.
curious about the dangers that lurk behind the sweetness of ordinary foods that children consumed?
The following explanation:

Sweetness indeed be a favorite of children, but when consumed in excess. And it is certainly a sweet taste comes from sugar. Continue reading


tips on caring for baby’s gums and teeth health

It’s never too early to care for baby teeth and gums. In fact, the earlier the treatmentis carried out healthy teeth and gums of your child becomes more secure.

Here are some tips for caring for your baby’s teeth and gums: Continue reading

tips to overcome congestion in babies

many mothers who feel confused if their children have a stuffy nose child’s breathing becomes difficult, fussy.
to deal with it let us see the following article:


Nasal congestion is a classic problem experienced by an infant in the first month of life. These conditions

 make difficult the baby to suck milk from the nipple so the baby becomes fussy, especially nasal congestion often occurs at night.

Here are some tips that can be done to reduce the problem of nasal congestionin infants. Continue reading

tips on bathing your baby correctly

for mothers who do not know how to bathe the baby denagn right and not make a baby cry …
is he the solution …..^^

Pour cold water into the tub, then add enough hot water until it reaches a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius for up to 2 month old baby, then gradually lower the temperature to 27 degrees Celsius for infants over 2 months. Fill the bathtub with water as high as approximately 7.5 cm from the bottom of the tub.

For newborns, first clean the eyes with cotton soaked in boiled water. Clean baby’s eyes from the eye toward the nose tip, Use a cotton which is different for each eye. Continue reading

baby sleep tips to quickly and easily

5 tips to get parents to lull babies to sleep soundly.
Whatever the means chosen do not ignore the need for security in infants.

Quality of sleep not only affects the baby’s physical development, but also her attitude the next day. Babies who sleep without frequent awakening enough to be more fit and not easy to fret. The benefits can also be perceived mother and father. Sleep quality can be better parents if the baby can sleep soundly through the night. Activities from morning to evening can be lived well. Continue reading

healthy and appropriate foods for baby

for mothers who are confused with healthy food for the baby …
below I explain about healthy food for the baby ….

Food given to the baby should vary with the composition of 4 healthy meals 5 perfect. It must contain all the food needed by compositions of the baby, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Try making homemade food is always fresh with no preservatives and no artificial flavors or chemical additives. Should avoid the use of salt until age 1 year and do not get used to the baby eat sweet or sugary foods.

Food for 6 months of age in the form of soft food, but after that gradually becomes a coarse meal. 1 year of age can already be eating adult food. Feeding schedule is 3 times a day, ie morning, afternoon, evening or night. The morning should be half the weight of food (milk porridge, oat meal, bread, biscuits). Lunch can be mixed with milk solid fruit (avocado, apple steamed, broiled pear, pumpkin). As for the evening is a heavy meal. Continue reading


10 BEST TIPS IN NURSING – One of the obligations of the mother is breastfeeding. Well, to do it is not difficult, but if not done with the procedure that will either reduce the positive value of breastfeeding.
The success of breastfeeding not only in the hands of mothers. But also spousal support, family, friends and people around. Breastfeeding is not an easy thing. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor or lactation clinic visit.The failure of many nursing mothers due to ignorance. For that, Freda Rosenfeld, a lactation consultant from International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), reveals ten things is important to know the mothers for breastfeeding success.1. Immediate breastfeeding after birth
Immediately after delivery, do the early initiation of breastfeeding (IMD). Tell this to your doctor or midwife, as it will greatly affect the baby’s ability to find the mother’s nipple. Continue reading