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eye pain disappeared with medicinal plants

eye diseases can not only be cured through the hands of doctors, we can do it yourself, by making use of medicinal plants that exist around us:

Eye pain, watery, and sore is very disturbing us. In addition to the health, can alsointerfere with performance because the eye will look red and out-colored stools. Continue reading

cataracts, the eye disease

Cataract is a clouding in the lens of the eye that causes visual impairment. Most of the lens a bit cloudy after 60 years of age. Most of the patients experienced similar changes in both eyes, although changes in one eye may be worse than the other eye.

In many cases, the cause is unknown. Cataracts can be caused by eye injuries, metabolic diseases (eg diabetes), or certain drugs (eg corticosteroids). Continue reading

tip to avoid red eye disease

Red eye disease or in medical terms is called conjunctivitis is one of the infectious diseases of the eye is highly contagious. The red color of the eye caused byinflammation of the lining of the eyes and white translucent inner surface of theeyelids.

tips to beautify the eyes

not just our bodies that need exercise, but we also need the eyes of sports ..
steps below eye sport …
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Lifestyles and faulty diet can also cause interference in the eye. In people with diabetes and hypertension, the chances of developing cataracts, glaucoma, and retinopathy (damage to the lining of the way the eye) may occur. The same thing can trigger the onset of the disease in the eye when you are often depressed, stressed or angry like.

Maintain and train the eye to keep it healthy is not difficult. According to Oei Gin DJing, acupuncturist who also practitioners of Qigong and pranic living in Jakarta, there are easy ways to train your eyes can still see the beautiful world, the premises do eye exercises every day. Continue reading

easy tips to maintain the beauty and eye health

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Maintain Eye Health
Vitamin A is key to maintaining healthy eyes. Has sufficient vitamin A helps the transmission of light signals inside the cells of the retina. One source of vitamin A are vegetables that coined the orange color like baby carrots, and apricots.

Improving Process Vision
If you have problems with vision, try the consumption of sesame oil or sesame oil. According to the research, sesame oil contains unsaturated fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-9 high so as to help improve the eyesight.

Keeping Health Vision Function
Eye has a function that is extraordinary so it needs to be kept healthy. How to maintain eye health can be done by consuming the required intake of the eye such as vitamin A, use sunglasses during the hot sun, eyes examined regularly, and taking a zinc supplement to help in troubleshooting the eye in the elderly.

Prevent loosening of Elasticity Eye
The elasticity of the lens will sag with age. The age of 40 years, will relax the eye lens and the eye muscles that support will also be weakened. Eat vegetables and leaves which are green at an early age is one of the efforts to prevent it. Continue reading