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dangers of skin cancer

A healthy and smooth skin would dream for everyone, especially for women, who want to always look beautiful.
but whether we can dream of it if it turns out we are exposed to skin cancer,without knowing what it was skin cancer, a hallmark characteristic and its dangers? oh no!
The following article I will explain clearly, from what it was until the skin cancer prevention. Continue reading


easy way to detect breast cancer

to detect and determine if we are suffering from breast cancer, it’s pretty easy …
no need to inquire into doctor’s, we ourselves could do …..,

Examination time was not take more than 5 minutes each month. The best time to examine your own breasts is every after menstruation, when breasts are usually still soft so that no lumps will be more easily detected. When you feel a bump, whether sick or not, immediately consult a physician. Continue reading

traditional plant healers of cancer

many of us who think that cancer can only be cured by modern medicine medicine …….
statement is not entirely true …
on this occasion we will discuss about traditional medicines that can prevent cancer

Deaths caused by cancer will continue to increase, if there is no change in eating patterns, behavior, lifestyle in the community. One effort that could significantly reduce the cancer is eating more traditional (local).

“Globalization promotes radical changes in the food retail system, which is characterized by the proliferation of” hypermarkets “, fast food restaurants, franchises,” food court “from around the world, who mostly deliver compelling” junk foods “(junk food) with the risk of getting cancer very high, “said Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sulchan in his inaugural speech as Professor of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of Medicine of Diponegoro University, Semarang, recently. Continue reading

soybean potent and fish ward off cancer

we have discussed about the plants that make cancer bekhasiat ….
Now this time we membahs about fish and soy that can ward off cancer ….
we just basically …^^

People who regularly eat soy since childhood have a lower risk of developing breast cancer, the report findings by scientists 14 November 2006.

Also men who regularly eat fish several times a week have a lower risk of having colon cancer, researchers said at a meeting in Boston in the event of the American Association for Cancer Research. Continue reading

white turmeric plant and parasite powerful antidote for cancer

still about the cancer problem ….

today many people are confused about what plants are suitable for counteracting the illness on this one …

Below is the answer…….

Plants in Indonesia proved capable of preventing or treating cancer. Although the need to further research and development, a number of plants such as white turmeric, tread virgin, god leaves until the parasite has been used as an endeavor to treat people with cancer disease. Many who managed to recover so that traditional medicine had become the foundation of a new hope for cancer patients. Continue reading

healthy food antidote to cancer

on this occasion we will discuss about the right foods for cancer patients ….
just go …

Healthy food diet can affect cancer patients with the condition, although the effect is not too large, an expert says.

Despite the limited number and quality of research findings, experts from the UK said they can conclude that a healthy diet can effectively influence the condition of cancer patients. Continue reading

Tips on How to Prevent the Occurrence of Cancer

Tips to prevent cancer I am posting this for the buddy to be more vigilant against the disease – malignant disease, all know that cancer is so lethal there are some effective tips to prevent that please read here. People think cancer is a disease that is difficult to cure, even if cured menbutuhkan certainly a lot of money to cure the disease. how not, the disease difficult to cure and prevent cancer are tips, not only damaging tissue that became the place where the cancer was growing even cause death. It was horrible when the disease is difficult disembuhan, such as brain cancer, uterine cancer, blood cancer and many more. Prevention is better than cure, of course, that perception is a perception that is very true & prevent the disease is not expensive to almost everyone can do it, it’s just that people today are sometimes ignore it – it.

1. Eat healthy foods, has frequently been informed that the fruit – fruit, vegetables and low-fat diet can prevent cancer by 20%.
2. Exercise, brisk walk at least 30 minutes per day with a frequency of 3-5 days per week, can prevent many diseases, including cancer.
3. Consumption of alcohol, for those who like to drink alcohol and its derivatives, please pay attention to the tolerance limit. The reason my friend know that high alcohol consumption may increase the risk of breast cancer and cancers of the digestive tract.
4. Smoking, smoking is a cause of one third of cancer that occurs. Cigarettes in addition to causing lung cancer, can also cause other types of cancer, like breast cancer and cervical cancer.
5. Vitamin E, Vitamins E, should be followed by consumption of vitamin C and vitamin A and some minerals antioxidants.
6. Circumcision / circumcision, women who have sex with men are not circumcised have a high risk of cervical cancer.
7. Early detection, addition triggered by substances carcinogenic (causing cancer), there is also a cancer that occurs in hereditary or genetic. For example, breast cancer, ovarian, and colon. Therefore, for those who have relatives / relatives who suffer from cancer types mentioned above, should be actively examined early (early detection).
8. Hormonal factors that could facilitate the occurrence of breast cancer is the length of women exposed to the hormone estrogen. This means that the longer the period of productive age, the stakes are higher than those with average age of productive time.

Preventing Cancer With Fruits

1. Nuts or beans, including lentils and peas, are rich in fiber and contain some chemicals that increase immunity to cancer.
2. Berry is a source of vitamin C and fiber, and contain ellagic acid, which otherwise may prevent skin cancer, bladder, lung – lung, esophagus and breast. Continue reading