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healthy noodles for a healthy body

for noodle lovers who now hear much news about the dangers of the chemicals in the noodles, do not are concerned, now there has been a healthy noodles made ​​from vegetable ….
The following explanation ….^^

Amaranth (Amaranthus spp) is a plant commonly grown for its leaves are consumed as green vegetables, this plant is said to originate from tropical America but now has spread throughout the world, and this plant is known asvegetable sources of iron are essential for the body. Continue reading


Instant noodles, enemy or friend?

Noodles lovers. Make sure when you ate the noodles you have an interval of at least 3 (three) days if you are going to consume more.

Medical information that turned out artifacts wax that coats the noodles. Noodles reason why it will not stick to each other when cooked.

If we consider China a yellow Mi commonly found in the market, from observations, uncooked noodles will look like greasy. This oil coating will avoid the stickiness of the noodles with one another.

Wonton noodles are still raw, usually sprinkled flour to avoid sticking. When the cook will cook noodles, he cooked it first in hot water, then rinsed / drained with cold water before cooking in hot water again.

Cook and draining in this way will be able to avoid the stickiness of the noodles to each other. Provide oil and cook the sauce on the noodles from becoming sticky when it will be consumed dry (without gravy).

Rules cook in making Spaghetti (Mi Italy) will be needed oil and butter are added prior to the cooking water to avoid sticky pasta Spaghetti them.

Consumption of instant noodles every day will increase the likelihood that a person infected with the cancer. actor SBC (now TCS) in a few years ago, because it was so busy in a career that did not have time to cook, so he decided to eat Noodles every day. Finally he had cancer. Continue reading