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dangers of food packaging materials

These several kinds of food packaging the most popular and commonly used by people and the dangers to our bodies …..
Some non-packaging paper and packaging (paper newspapers and magazines) are often used to wrap foods, containing detectable lead (Pb) exceed specified limits. Inside the human body, lead entering through the respiratory or digestive tract into the circulatory system, and then spread various other tissues such as kidney, liver, brain, nerves and bones.Lead poisoning in adults is characterized by symptoms 3 P, namely pallor (pale), pain (pain) and paralysis (paralysis). Poisoning that occurs can be chronic and acute. To avoid food contaminated heavy metals lead, it’s easy bother.

Many snack foods such as fried bananas, fried tofu and fried tempeh wrapped in newspaper because knowledge is less than the dealer. When the material is hot and facilitate the migration of lead fatty foods. As prevention efforts, hawker food is put on the plate. Continue reading