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right food for pregnant women

sure expectant mothers everywhere, want to stay healthy even in a state of pregnancy, maintain a diet becomes a major factor maternal and fetal health.
following the right food for pregnant women:

Good nutrition during pregnancy will help you and your baby to stay healthy. The need for certain nutrients such as calcium, iron and folic acid increases during pregnancy, but just need a little extra energy (kilojoules). Women should be encouraged to eat nutritious foods and weight control during pregnancy. Normal weight gain is around 10-13 kg for women before pregnancy ideal weight.
Healthy Foods for Pregnant Women
The choice of food varies greatly it is important to meet the needs of good nutrition for pregnant women and for infants who were conceived. Try to eat: Continue reading

anemia during pregnancy hazard alert

Knowing Anemia in Pregnancy Period

Pregnancy is the period which the body very needs the maximum food intake for both physical and spiritual (always relaxed and not stressed). In this period also, pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to decreasing the body’s ability to work optimally. Pregnant women often complain being tired, headache, shortness of breath, pale face, and other complaints. All complaints are an indication that pregnant women are currently suffering anemia during pregnancy. The disease occurs due to low hemoglobin in the body. Anemia can be interpreted simply the lack of red blood cells in the blood than usual. Continue reading

types of food taboos for pregnant women

for mothers who are pregnant, be careful with foods that are consumed, if thewrong food will cause problems for the womb.
This article will discuss about the kind of food should be avoided by pregnant women:

Raw MeatIf you are a fan of steak, you should throw away your dreams to devour him.Cooked meat can carry the virus undercooked salmonella, E.coli, and toxoplasmosis bacteria. If consumed can cause nausea and diarrhea. Even

more dangerous, meat can cause miscarriage and premature birth. To avoid this, make sure the meat is cooked properly. For red meat should be cooked at a temperature of 170 ° F. Simpelnya, avoid cooked food intake is less mature, as well as to the type of seafood. Continue reading

easy tips to know pregnancy

hi prospective mothers of healthy ….^^
for women who do not know how to identify traits or characteristics that are pregnant …
around the tips below to find out characteristic features of pregnancy ….

There are many signs of pregnancy. Here are some signs that suggest the possibility you are pregnant:

1. Menstruation did not come.
It’s a sign of early pregnancy, especially if used regularly menstruating. Combined with the positive signs of the other, most likely you are pregnant.

2. Appears spots and cramps
When you’re pregnant, usually marked by the appearance of pink spots on the panties that occurs during implantation (when the embryo attach to the lining of the uterus. This happens about 8-10 days after ovulation, a bit earlier than the arrival time of menstruation). Sometimes we misidentified as menstruation, only a shorter time than normal menstruation. Cramps are also common in early pregnancy.

3. Nausea and vomiting
If you are pregnant, early pregnancy, a few days after fertilization, may experience morning sickness. Actually, morning sickness is the wrong name, because in reality nausea and vomiting can occur at any time: morning, noon, night.

Normally, both these signs began to be felt at the age of 2-8 weeks of pregnancy after conception. Then, stop as soon as you enter the month 4.Sebenarnya, nausea and vomiting caused by changes of various hormones in the body in early pregnancy. However, conditions on any pregnant women are not equal. There are mild, but some are severe. In fact, can be severe vomiting (hyperemesis gravidarum) Continue reading