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The best treatment for asthma

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this time I will talk about asthma.
The following explanation:

To date, no known cure asthma. However, the disease can be controlled. The goal of treatment is to make life better quality.
There are two types of drugs that need to be consumed for asthmatics, ie that is the controller and lozenges. Type of controller medications (controllers), at least should be used every day, whether in good health or not.
Function inflammatory drugs (asthma control), prevent / reduce the frequency and weight of the attack. Among the various types of controllers, inhaled corticosteroids are the best control. Continue reading


surefire tips eliminate bad breath

this article will be about the problem of bad breath is very disturbing, and also may lower the confidence, the following explanation:

Problem of bad breath is a serious problem for some people who smell very piercing mouth nose people around him. People who are fasting mouth usually will smell bad, but it is perfectly natural. Another case occurs if the bad breath permanently would have an impact or a negative image.

bad breath

Prolonged bad breath can cause someone to be less confident (confident) and could be a sign of a disease such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, liver, digestive disorders, and so forth. In addition, bad breath can also be caused by a hole in the tooth, the remaining food in the mouth, cavities / caries, and so forth. Continue reading

The main causes of tooth pain and its treatment

dental pain is a disease that most disliked most people, besides making a reduced appetite due to pain in the tooth, also cause severe pain, the general solution is usually done to relieve pain in the tooth is pulling teeth.
This article will discuss about the toothache and handling in addition to pulling teeth, the following explanation:


Caries is the collective name for tooth decay in the enamel (substance in the crown of the teeth), cementum (substance in the roots of teeth), and dentine (the substance in the middle between the crown and roots). Teeth can decay because of certain bacteria that produce lactic acid from the fermentation of carbohydrates such as sucrose, fructose, and glucose. Continue reading

the secret of using toothpaste

is still about about dental health, and a continuation of my article about oral health care with herbs, this time we will discuss about the secret use of toothpaste, is now on the market has a lot of toothpaste products that have sprung up, each with advantages, must have some friends confused to choose a good toothpaste, and teeth appropriate for friends, this article I will give you guidance.
The following explanation:


1. Fluoride, the most important ingredient
Currently, there are so many toothpaste products are enriched with content according to the needs of our teeth, such as tartar control, whitening, or a breath freshener. However, in toothpaste is most important is its fluoride. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, tooth brushing with fluoride toothpaste twice a day can reduce tooth decay by up to 40 percent.

2. Bleach will not immediately make the teeth so white Continue reading

The best way of fasting organic

Fasting is the only teraphy the best natural healing, fasting is not just a function which is especially applicable but is to prevent the occurrence of various symptoms of the disease, the healing of various diseases, physical and psychic. read the article about the best tips perform fasting.

fasting children

And now that fasting is one of the fastest methods in the process of detoxification, the process of disposal of toxins and healing takes place with the optimum. In the fasting does not mean not eating and drinking, we avoid dense foods (eg rice, bread, meat, flour and sugar) so it only consumes in the form of liquid or juice. The components in the fasting is Melilea Greenfield Organic, mineral water, fruit juice, vegetable nodes that will assist in the removal of toxins in the body.

We need not fear that our bodies will be malnourished during fasting, because the whole body needs in vitamins, nutrients, and calories in inadequate if Melilea organic juice (juice of vegetables and fruit almost 30 kinds) with a high degree of assimilation that requires little digestion process. Continue reading

5 The main signs of the body require antibiotics

antibiotics are needed by our body for protection from various diseases that threaten our health. this time I will discuss five major signs of the body when needed antibiotics.
The following explanation:


Often when the body’s pain signals such as nasal congestion, cough, or sore throat, we immediately look for the super drugs, antibiotics.

Antibiotics are very effective at killing bacteria (for a remedy suited to the type of bacteria). However, 90 percent of respiratory infections, such as flu, is caused by a virus. Disease virus is a self-limiting disease in 5-7 days.  Continue reading

herb healing abscesses and ulcers

leaf Sembung

Article I will discuss about the treatment to cure boils or abscesses with herbs safely and quickly.
Here’s his explanation:
An abscess is the center of a pernanahan collected in the network. boils and abscesses characterized by pain, inflammation and swelling.


1. hot compresses for 30 minutes, 2 times daily until the abscess or boil is ripe. see procedure on demah heat.
2. if abscesses and ulcers located on or around the anus and the groin, forged soak sit for 30 minutes, 2 times a day. see procedures on the part of the body soak. Continue reading