syphilis, venereal disease the malignant

lion king the nickname for syphilis, but very dangerous, too difficult to known characteristics, a disease that occurs due to sexual contact caused by bacteria Troponema pallidum.
This article will discuss about the disease, the following explanation:

sifilis disease

Symptoms and signs of syphilis are many and different; before development serologikal tests, diagnosis is difficult and the disease is often called the “Great imitation” because it is often mistaken for other diseases.

Data reported by the Ministry of Health showed syphilitic reach 5000-10000 cases per year. Temporarily in China, the report shows the number of cases reported rose from 0.2 per 10,000 inhabitants in 1993 to 5.7 cases per 100,000 people in 2005. in the United States, about 36,000 cases of syphilis are reported each year, and the actual figure is estimated to be higher. About three-fifths of cases occur to men. Continue reading


beware of herpes

This article will discuss about herpes, a disease known by many as a sexual disease.
The following explanation:


Herpes, especially in the lower body, always easily linked to matters relating to sexual relations. In fact, herpes simplex infections are common, both in the mucous membranes of the mouth, near the eyes, genitals, or other body parts.

Herpes simplex is caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV) type 1. This skin disease can be infected from people who have open wounds. Shared use of cutlery, shaving and towels can also spread the disease. Herpes simplex can be passed down in families. Although this might be caused by infectious aspect, but there is also a genetic susceptibility factor.  Continue reading

plants for health benefits turmeric

turmeric, a yellow plant, almost can be found all over the country, this time I will discuss about the benefits behind the turmeric plant. read more about durian, the spiny fruits rich in benefits
The following explanation:


Benefits of Turmeric Medicinal Plants. Turmeric is a form of shrubs and herbs is an annual (perennial) spread throughout the tropics. Turmeric plants grow lush and wildaround the forest / garden used. Estimated to come from twinkle at an altitude of1300-1600 m above sea level, have also said that turmeric comes from India. Continue reading

The best way of fasting organic

Fasting is the only teraphy the best natural healing, fasting is not just a function which is especially applicable but is to prevent the occurrence of various symptoms of the disease, the healing of various diseases, physical and psychic. read the article about the best tips perform fasting.

fasting children

And now that fasting is one of the fastest methods in the process of detoxification, the process of disposal of toxins and healing takes place with the optimum. In the fasting does not mean not eating and drinking, we avoid dense foods (eg rice, bread, meat, flour and sugar) so it only consumes in the form of liquid or juice. The components in the fasting is Melilea Greenfield Organic, mineral water, fruit juice, vegetable nodes that will assist in the removal of toxins in the body.

We need not fear that our bodies will be malnourished during fasting, because the whole body needs in vitamins, nutrients, and calories in inadequate if Melilea organic juice (juice of vegetables and fruit almost 30 kinds) with a high degree of assimilation that requires little digestion process. Continue reading

5 The main signs of the body require antibiotics

antibiotics are needed by our body for protection from various diseases that threaten our health. this time I will discuss five major signs of the body when needed antibiotics.
The following explanation:


Often when the body’s pain signals such as nasal congestion, cough, or sore throat, we immediately look for the super drugs, antibiotics.

Antibiotics are very effective at killing bacteria (for a remedy suited to the type of bacteria). However, 90 percent of respiratory infections, such as flu, is caused by a virus. Disease virus is a self-limiting disease in 5-7 days.  Continue reading

pica, eating everything diseases

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this time we will membahs about pica disease, there are definitely among my friends who ask even astonished wonder, what is this disease … heeheehe: D
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The following explanation:

Pica is common in children, pregnant women and adults. Pica sufferers typically consume food that does not make sense. Pica is common in children and adults.

A total of 10 to 32 percent of children aged 1-6 years had a strange habit of eating this. Not only children, Pica may also occur in pregnant women, especially those experiencing psychological disorders. Pica also occurs in adults who are dieting, addicted to a certain texture in the mouth or who have social or economic problems. Continue reading

insomnia, the sleeping sickness

Insomnia is generally temporary, and can be divided into several classifications depending on how long the condition of sleep disturbance experienced by someone. Broadly speaking, insomnia is divided into:
Acute insomnia (acute insomnia): Acute insomnia lasts for a short time, ie between one night to several weeks.
Chronic insomnia (chronic insomnia). : Someone said to be experiencing chronic insomnia if the person is having trouble sleeping at least three nights a week and lasted for 1 month or more. Transient insomnia and short-term insomnia is included in the category of acute insomnia.
Causes of insomnia can usually be divided into three conditions are medical conditions, psychiatric conditions and environmental conditions

Causes of Insomnia by medical condition 
Medical conditions that can cause sleep disorders are:
Disturbances in heart failure and ischemia in coronary vessels


Stroke, degenerative conditions, dementia, sleep disorders due to CNS disorders
Hypothyroidism, menopause, menstrual cycle, pregnancy and hipogonadism
Obstructive pulmonary disorder, asthma pickwikian syndrome (obstructive sleep apnea syndrome) disease vomit gastric fluids, disturbances in blood
The use of medications such as decongestants, koritokosteroid and bronkondilator
Other conditions such as fever, pain and infection

Some Psychological conditions as causes of Insomnia 
Causes of insomnia can also be triggered by psychological disorders such as:
1. Depression can cause disturbances in REM (Rapid Eye Movement)  Continue reading